Monday, August 08, 2011

The engagement story

Okay, where do I begin??? AH!!!!

Everyone has been asking me how it happened etc, so I figured I would just write it in this blog and tell everyone to read it.

This is from my perspective, so I am not sure what others were thinking during the whole process, such as Charlie and my parents.

Charlie and I purchased a new house, but because of issues with movers, the sellers had to delay their move out. We gave them an extra week, and then it took another day or two after that, because their movers broke their contract, blah blah, we're all victims, everyone's healthy, let's move on.

Yesterday (Sunday) Rose and I had been planning to get lunch because we hadn't seen each other in a while. We had lunch at Brio and Charlie called while we were eating telling me that they were totally moved out and we could go see it. I spontaneously asked Rose if she wanted to come see the house (Charlie said that was fine), and she came home with me. We met at my parents house, and Charlie quickly got shoes on, and we left for the new house (Me, Charlie, Mom, Dad, Rose). Rose drove separately, and my mom spontaneously said she would go with Rose (I thought it was just sweet, but in retrospect realize she wanted to fill her in on the details).

When we got to the house they took a picture of us right before we used our keys for the first time. 

First time using our keys

When you walk into the house there is a stair case on the left that leads up, and about 3/4 of the way up there is a ledge. On the ledge there were two balloons taped up that said "welcome" and "congratulations". I said how sweet it was that the sellers left it for us, and made a mental note about a small detail that makes a big difference for us for the future. I started telling Rose "We want to put the piano there and dining table by the bar etc etc" and Charlie said something along the lines of "hey why don't we go see what's up here". 

I walked up to the ledge and saw a few different things. There was a stuffed dog that looks like Odge, a mermaid Barbie, a bottle of champagne with two glasses, a magnetic grocery list notepad for the fridge, another balloon that was flat on the ledge that says "I love you", and a little herb garden. 

I sort of saw the dog first and got confused and then the barbie and herb garden and still didn't realize what was happening and was just confused and said "Wait Charlie, did you do this?" and I turned around to him and he was down on one knee holding the box with the ring!

I was so surprised and just did not expect any of this, and finally someone (my mom?) said "you have to say yes" and obviously I did! In retrospect, I think Charlie was really nervous too because neither of us remembers him actually saying anything!!


After hugs and kisses (and Rose recording it and my mom taking pictures), I yelled at my mom that she let me pain my nails royal purple the day before, and that my orange bra was showing through my shirt and she didn't force me to change it!! In retrospect, I would have maybe been suspicious that somehting was up, and I truly had no idea, so it was perfect!  My parents brought us the bottle of Dom and the champagne glasses. When they set it up, one of the glasses cracked, and my mom told him to save it because we can use it for breaking of the glass at the wedding! What a good idea mom. Here is us drinking their champagne while he explains everything.

So the symbolism now. The dog, well, that's Odge. Duh! Have you all seen that kitty commercial where the guys asks her to marry him with the cat collar? (Ps I still hate cats). If not I suggest you watch the link I put above! Anyway, he thought of doing something like that because Odge needs a new collar, so he got him a new one and on the tag it has both of our information and both our phone numbers, and the collar and tag is on the stuffed "odge". There was a mermaid barbie there because when we were moving to the US from Israel, I really didn't want to leave, and so my parents told me that they would buy me a barbie in the US (they were very expensive in Israel at the time). As a kid I was also very obsessed with The Little Mermaid and wanted to be a mermaid, so after searching for barbies with brown hair and blue eyes for far too long (apparently they barely exist), he finally found a mermaid barbie that had brown hair and blue eyes! He said that because I got one for my big move to the US, that now I get a barbie for my move with him. There was an herb garden because I am not a lover of flowers. I think that it's a waste of money to get flower that just die when you can spend your money on something that will last, so Charlie got an herb garden that even has FRESH CURRY for me to use while I cook! Perfecto! He also got a magnetic grocery to-do list for the fridge (which turns out to be not magnetic) for us to use at the house, and the balloons, which were very thoughtfully not blown up, but taped up (I am terrified of balloons). My parents brought the champagne, and then there was Charlie holding the ring, my parents right there (I couldn't have imagined them not there, thank you, Charlie for thinking of that), and one of my best friends, Rose, taking pictures. It was truly perfect! Minus the purple nailpolish and orange bra!

My parents are THRILLED to officially welcome Charlie to our family!
walking down the stairs (ps we are changing the color of the railing)

Me and the mother of the bride
Happy Charlie!

After all the excitement, we walked around a little - I had had a glass of champagne and was totally flustered and didn't even give Rose a tour, my parents had to. But I found these left in the garage!

So obvioulsy it was perfect. Charlie, I am all yours now and forever!

Hey Charlie, you're my cutie pie fiance!

I had a work committment at 6 pm and it was creeping up there so I quickly texted the individuals involved "I'm running late, I'll explain when I get there!" and we wrapped up at the house. I had to give him a few more kisses though.

Here is the ring w/my royal purple nailpolish. Charlie, you did freaking good man! It's exactly what I wanted, very simple, ginormous perfect diamond. (sorry if I'm being tacky by posting this....I knowwww, but I don't care!!!). It SHINES shines shines, my man did GOOD!

We camped out at the house that night and I had to take a picture of this. My close friends will understand. This was all that's in our fridge (the sellers left us that bottle of veuve).

This morning I had breakfast with my mom and I still can't take the huge smile off my face. Here is me on the phone with my grandmother in Israel and other close friends sharing our joy.

Thank you all for your well wishes. It is overwhelming! We are going to plan a celebration day so that we can celebrate with everyone soon!