Monday, May 26, 2014

Modern day goldilocks

Tee hee!!!

I know I owe you all 7000 posts. I have many drafted. And I didn't forget Henry turned 3 months on Friday, I got his elephant picture. I also have some awesome mom fail Fridays. Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

You know you're a mom when...

When you sit down at 3:26 pm to finally eat your lunch and you realized your son's pacifier is clipped to you because he's in his crib with a different one.
Wow. I look rough. It's been a hard two days. I will not post the picture of his blowout yesterday, but many a friends got that sent to them :-)

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Head control

Henry has been pretty advanced with his motor skills. Like I said, at one week he tried to roll from back to tummy in his crib, and he started rolling from tummy to back at a month. 

On Saturday we waned to take him swimming and the aronsons brought Leah over (who is almost 7 months....what???)

Charlie's parents sent is this tugboat pool float that Henry is way too young for but I wanted to sit him in it with my support. It was a bit cold so we snapped a pic and took him out and straight to the tub. 

We also got a family picture which I think is funny because it's like the one we took on Hawaii but with a Henry instead of a dolphin!

As much as swimming with dolphins was a dream of mine and on my bucket list, the experience is incomparable to the family pic in the pool. (Say awe). 

Later that night we also tried him out in his "bumbo" seat. I don't know what the generic name for those seats are but we have a different brand - prince lionheart. The pros are that it straps your child in and the seat can strap to aside face like a chair, but the cons are that it's not as soft as te bumbo. 

Henry isn't a fan of tummy time and will just roll over most of the time, so I will often do it with him on my chest. He held himself like this for minutes. And these are two of my favorite pics of him. 

He looks so big and grown up! Like a real baby, not just a squishy newborn! 

I gotta say though, I hope no matter how good his head control becomes that well always have these moments:

(Please excuse the fact that I literally never wear make up for any of these pics anymore). 

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Accents By Aggie - Sewing Projects

Last year for my birthday Charlie bought me a dual embroidery/sewing machine and under his sister's tutelage, I have learned so much! I absolutely love making little gifts for all my friends and especially for Henry.

I don't intend on opening an etsy shop right now because I don't want to make that kind of commitment but I will definitely sell these as many friends have asked about it for other friends, etc. I do plan on posting it somehow, whether its a simple website or on Facebook, and have a price list. If you have any projects you want done, let me know!

Eden suggested the name "Accents by Aggie" - myself being Aggie, named ever so lovingly by Clara when she couldn't say "Avigail". Enjoy!

Happy birthday, Israel!

Yom hike set sameach, eretz yisrael!

Henry can't wait to visit you one day. 

And one with sabba, who fought and was injured for Israel's continued freedom!

Henry loves to sing

My synagogue has a mommy and me every other week and Henry and I learned a song called "af peh ozen" (which means nose, mouth ear in Hebrew). It's his favorite song and can almost always make him smile! I think it's a combination of the melody plus those face parts being poked.

Love my music loving little man!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Videos of Henry circa 2 months

Henry has been talking and smiling the last couple of weeks and I caught some videos that I love, but don't want to keep on my phone because they are taking too much space! Lol! So here is a dump of some Henry videos.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Mom fail Friday

So last week I posted a mom fail Friday about Henry's missing kippa but what I should have posted about is a much more serious mom fail. Heartbreaking really.

I needed the lunch cooler for services last week since I planned on giving Henry bottles at the synagogue and would just pump at home. I opened up the cooler, and there staring at me were two bags of milk from my trip to Texas.... just sitting in the bottom, not frozen.... I don't know how much it was but probably 10 ounces of wasted milk. I know I saved the rest from my trip to Texas, and I counted and I have almost 175 ounces of milk in the freezer. But still! That's ten ounces wasted and not being liquid gold for my baby!!! Whoever said don't cry over spilled milk obviously never pumped that milk themselves! Fail!

I didn't snap a picture of rotten breastmilk so here's one instead :-)
Henry and his girlfriend Leah.