Monday, April 30, 2012

Part 2 of back to blogging (what I've been up to/Jaren inspiration)

I stopped working. Long story I don't feel like bloggin about and Charlie has been BEYOND supportive. I finished officially this last week and the moment I was finished I just felt HAPPY. Relief. There are some great (career) things in store for me, and I can't wait.

This summer Charlie got chosen for SOS and we are going to Alabama for 2 months. I got accepted to a course about Israel in Atlanta (rabbi akselrad sponsored me) so I am basically paying $150 for a 3 credit grad course, plus they pay for me to have meals and be housed. Go avichai! I hope to spend time with my sister, with Charlie's sisters (and my new nephew!!), and with his parents. I can't wait to meet Pat (his stepmom). She and I talk several times a week and she said the sweetest thing "if you don't mind, Id like to just treat you like I treat my daughters". So touching. She also invited my mom to stay with us.

Mom had the calcium thing come back to her shoulder and has been in excruciating pain. She had a procedure done today and we're hoping it actually helps this time.

I helped Charlie with some van pool stuff this morning so I was at the park and ride with his car, so I went over to Jarens and finished the flowers to my wreath (finally) and then she drove me home and we had dinner with my parents. Been spending lots of time w/Jaren and Clara and been loving it. Feels like college girlfriends (plus a 2 year old). Here is them last night, we had been making fun of that tagline so I sent this image to Jaren today while she was getting new tires.
Clara LOVED my dad. I hope she can spend some time with him (it would be great for BOTH of them). I titled this Jaren Inspiration because her blog (it's private, sorry, two readers, one of which is Jaren), is the funniest thing ever. I seriously think she could be a comedy writer. She's just honest in a way that most people arent, but it's not the kind that is just for shock value. It's the perfect combination.

I spent two days babystting the Mountain boys.
Jessi and Jason are pcs-ing to Holloman and Jessi didn't want them around the movers. We had a playdate in the pool. Eden got some strange texts talking about naked children in the pool. Kieran was a great swimmer and Aidan had fun w/some of the pool toys. Clara came and kept calling it a bath. Every couple hours Aidan would say "Um, miss Avigail?" And I"d say "yes Aidan" and he'd say "um, I love you". And then my heart melted. Or maybe my uterus melted. Good thing Charlie was out of town in Boston or I may have not fit into my wedding dress.

See you all on a more regular basis. Hopefully. But probably not.

Israel Trip April 2012

One day I'll get the hang of blogging. I feel like I do it like most people go to the gym - i'll go strong for a while and then stop for like 6 months. At least I've been working out regularly!

Lots been happening here. Right now all I can focus on is Maya snoring REALLY loudly.

Went to Israel.

Me and Moran (my best friend that was born one month before me) drinking "shoko beh sakit" aka chocolate milk in a bag. So good.

Sit up straight, Charlie!

Had amazing food:

Had a great engagement party.

Saw some cousins that I have missed!

Took a tour guide in the North. Charlie learned a lot. It was all verbal and I am not an auditory learner so I felt like a child w/autism on overload. I say that and people laugh but I'm dead serious, I can so relate to those kids I used to work with!

We also had a great time in Jerusalem. There's a great story about how I rubbed 9 crosses on the stone Jesus was lain on after his crucification - there's a picture of all the apostles with him, and although I don't believe Jesus is my lord and savior (that would sort of contradict my devout faith in Judaism), I clearly believe that he existed and that he is millions of people's savior, and that was profound. We got the crosses in the market and rubbed them on the stone to infuse them with holiness for devout Christian friends. What do you do with your face when you are Jewish, rubbing crosses on a stone next to people having the most holy moment of their life, and your fiance is taking pictures of you doing 9 in a row for friends to see? Yeah, I'd be embarrassed if it weren't so freaking hilarious.

Oh hello there....Someone's in my way

Do I smile? Wait, this is very holy and profound...

No, don't smile, just act "natural"

But I guess I should look at the camera....

And my all time favorite...Are you ready?

I think by that point I was just like, Charlie, where do I look????

But, I think that for our Christian friends and family, we got them the most profoud gift they could ever receive, and I am so glad we did it.

We had some great times with family as well. Profound for Avigail: