Saturday, December 28, 2013

29 and 30 week bump dates

Um whoops I actually wrote this yesterday and forgot to publish it!

Yes, I skipped 29 weeks. But I have a good excuse. First, this happened:

And then we came home and moved 36 hours later. And we didn't have wifi for a couple of days. And blogging from my phone is just not fun. So I will account for the last two weeks.

How far along: 30 weeks and 2 days

And 29 weeks and 3 days (taken at the airport)

The weird thing is that this is 29 weeks 1 day (another airport selfie)

How big is baby: Probably about 3 pounds. We find out on Monday at my growth scan :-)

Weight gained: Last week it was 15 pounds and this week it's around 16. "Goal" is to keep it within 25, but really I am just eating when I'm hungry and if that means more it'll mean more.

Maternity clothes: Yup. I have been living in one pair of leggings and one pair of jeans since Monday. Both maternity. Love them both. I have more but I haven't found the boxes of my maternity clothes yet, lol!

Stretch marks: Not that I can see! Just that stupid linea negra.

Miss anything?: Sleeping through the night, and laying down without heartburn. But I don't even care because Charlie's home. The dogs have been with the dog sitter since Monday with the move so I miss them terribly.
A couple weeks ago Lee tried on the baby's coming home outfit:

Movement: Yup! Charlie got to feel it on our flight from Baltimore to Boston. I was super tired and slept on his lap (we had the row to ourselves) and he had his hand on my tummy the whole time.  He still moves to the right ALL the time. I love it. Last night I was eating grapes in bed and the bowl was on my belly smack in the middle. Look how lopsided it got when he moved!

Cravings: Nothing in particular. Just super hungry.

Aversions:  Anything I think may worsen my heartburn.

Other symptoms: Well I mentioned heartburn and waking up to pee. My ribs and back started kind of hurting, back is just a little uncomfortable, and the right part of my ribs go through phases, and it's just a little sore. The plane ride home from Boston was pretty awful. I was so uncomfortable the entire time, even though I got up several times to pee and walk around. Oh, I've also been peeing a lot, lol! Today we ran a bunch of errands and my feet are really sore. I am also starting to get a little tired from going up stairs etc. Also, I've sporadically been having restless leg at night and it's pretty yucky. I just can't relax because I feel like I have to shake my legs super fast. If I don't move them when this happens I feel sooooo tense.

Best moment this week: Well, for 29 weeks it was this one:

And this one:

And for 30 weeks it was moving into here:
This is actually from the backyard (or the golf course which it is on). The Maddox resident is on the right and the Eisenberg residence is on the left. Their's is actually a tiny bit bigger than ours even though it looks the opposite in the picture. And if we're saying best moment, this is probably a roller coaster of best and worst moments because I hate moving and being unsettled and I've definitely had some hissy fits about not being settled. Um, hormones? Sorry Charlie and family.

I found this and texted it to my mom: 

But then we woke up at 6 am to this out our floor to ceiling bedroom window and felt a bit better:

The view actually isn't even in that picture. I was taking it straight on, but if you turn to the left a tiny bit, it's the entire strip.

Most looking forward to: Being settled, getting the baby's room ready, and in a few months, joining Charlie in on one of these:

Friday, December 13, 2013

28 week bumpdate

How far along: 28 weeks 2 days. Officially 3rd trimester by all means of calculating! (there are slight discrepancies as to what weeks are which trimester).

How big is baby: Probably between 2-2.5 pounds! He is a little taller than a foot from heel to head, and he is gaining some cute baby fat now!

Weight gained: I'm out of town but I weighed myself before I left and it was right around 15 pounds.

Maternity clothes: The dress in the pic above is not maternity, and fit fine, but it's a stretchy material. There's no way I would fit into regular non maternity jeans. I wouldn't even want to try!

Stretch marks: Same - none yet, just that stupid linea negra.

Miss anything?: Were in the gas lamp district in san diego and some drinks would be awesome.

Movement: Yes! The last few days have been big movement days. My mom and I were watching something on my laptop yesterday, and I had the laptop rested on my belly while we were laying on our back. He was kicking and we could see the laptop move up and down about 5-6 times in a row. I also felt him a bit higher than I have before. Lastly, at one point he was kicking and I put my hand in the spot and put some pressure on it, and he tapped back. It was like he was saying "hey yup thats me mommy!"

Cravings: Nothing in particular. Just hungry a lot. I won't be hungry and out of nowhere I will be starving. Like, I need two tablespoons of peanut butter kind of hunger.

Aversions:  Not really, although I realized I haven't had beets in a while and I normally like them - I've picked them out of my salad lately if it comes with them and when we had them at big dinners I didn't take any.

Other symptoms: I must have had some bug or fever the last couple of days because yesterday during the conference I was SO HOT and could not cool down. We went to dinner with a bunch of people from Vegas and it was cold outside and I didn't even take a sweater because I was so hot. When I woke up today I was drenched in sweat so I must have had a fever that broke. I feel fine, kind of under the weather but not sick if that makes sense. Mostly tired. 

Also, we've been walking around for the conference and when I walk I will get braxton hicks, or this cramp on my right side. It's not very painful or anything, but I'm aware. I also have had to pee like, a million times. I will literally pee, go back to my session, and already have to pee again. I think it's gravity because when I am laying on my back that feeling subsides.

Best moment this week: For the first time a stranger recognized I was pregnant - I have popped! It really depends on what I am wearing, but for the most part people can FINALLY tell. I also had a great time at this conference and it was so powerful being with 5000 other URJ members for Shabbat this evening. Lastly, Charlie is officially on his "way home" aka, he is in a safer location in the middle east for about a week before a plane picks him up and brings him back. Shabbat Shalom indeed for him and our family.

Most looking forward to: Moving more stuff to the Ridges house, and starting to cook and bake things for Charlie's homecoming!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

27 week (and 6 day) bumpdate

Last week (and this week) have been non stop. I feel so bad that I have fallen off the face of the earth for many of my friends. Hey guys, I neglected my once a week blogpost too. Recipes I promised to post? I promise it's not an empty promise :-)

I'll try to do this as much through last friday, and keep this week for Friday's 28 week post. Yes, 28 weeks - officially 3rd trimester by ALL standards.

How far along: 27 weeks and 6 days. And here are pics from earlier last week when I had just turned 27 weeks - one is holding my stomach tight (not sucking in) and one is completely sucking out. Regular is somewhere in between but I didn't get a pic. 

I feel like I popped over the weekend since then though!

How big is baby: At my appointment last Monday they didn't measure the baby but the doctor pointed on my belly where his feet where, and they were much higher up than i realized! probably halfway between the top of my ribs and my belly button. I am assuming he is about 2 pounds and something.

Weight gained: I didn't weigh myself last Friday. I was scared to. I weighed myself yesterday and it was about 13 pounds total, but I'm guessing by next week I'll be at 15.

Maternity clothes: Same. Can get away with most non maternity shirts but am just wearing the maternity shirts for fun.

Stretch marks: Still just the linea negra. I hope that fades eventually.

Miss anything?: Being able to sleep, and not having heartburn.

Movement: Yup, he still loves moving all the way to the right and I still absolutely love seeing my belly completely lopsided.

Kicks are still there but they aren't painful or that strong yet, just feel like movement and taps inside.

Cravings: Um, everything in sight? Lol! 

Aversions:  Nothing strong.

Other symptoms: I mentioned heartburn but ick, go away. Doctor said I could take tums, pepcid, and prilosec, and take all three if I need to. Also, just having bad sleep. Which I also mentioned. But I feel like complaining.

Best moment this week: Last Saturday was a good friend's son's bar mitzvah and I had an aliyah - I told the Rabbi on the bimah that it was the baby's first aliyah! He told me how good the baby's accent was :-) I also had a med student come with my doctor to my appointment on Monday and he was showing her things on the ultrasound (he just peeked, not an official check or anything). He asked if she knew what something was and she had no idea, and it was my aorta! He then said that "because I am so thin" you can see my aorta through ultrasound and it's not typical. Not sure if he says that to all his regular weight patients (he is high risk so who knows what his patient population is) but it made me feel great! Lol.

Most looking forward to: Charlie coming home, duh!