Saturday, December 28, 2013

29 and 30 week bump dates

Um whoops I actually wrote this yesterday and forgot to publish it!

Yes, I skipped 29 weeks. But I have a good excuse. First, this happened:

And then we came home and moved 36 hours later. And we didn't have wifi for a couple of days. And blogging from my phone is just not fun. So I will account for the last two weeks.

How far along: 30 weeks and 2 days

And 29 weeks and 3 days (taken at the airport)

The weird thing is that this is 29 weeks 1 day (another airport selfie)

How big is baby: Probably about 3 pounds. We find out on Monday at my growth scan :-)

Weight gained: Last week it was 15 pounds and this week it's around 16. "Goal" is to keep it within 25, but really I am just eating when I'm hungry and if that means more it'll mean more.

Maternity clothes: Yup. I have been living in one pair of leggings and one pair of jeans since Monday. Both maternity. Love them both. I have more but I haven't found the boxes of my maternity clothes yet, lol!

Stretch marks: Not that I can see! Just that stupid linea negra.

Miss anything?: Sleeping through the night, and laying down without heartburn. But I don't even care because Charlie's home. The dogs have been with the dog sitter since Monday with the move so I miss them terribly.
A couple weeks ago Lee tried on the baby's coming home outfit:

Movement: Yup! Charlie got to feel it on our flight from Baltimore to Boston. I was super tired and slept on his lap (we had the row to ourselves) and he had his hand on my tummy the whole time.  He still moves to the right ALL the time. I love it. Last night I was eating grapes in bed and the bowl was on my belly smack in the middle. Look how lopsided it got when he moved!

Cravings: Nothing in particular. Just super hungry.

Aversions:  Anything I think may worsen my heartburn.

Other symptoms: Well I mentioned heartburn and waking up to pee. My ribs and back started kind of hurting, back is just a little uncomfortable, and the right part of my ribs go through phases, and it's just a little sore. The plane ride home from Boston was pretty awful. I was so uncomfortable the entire time, even though I got up several times to pee and walk around. Oh, I've also been peeing a lot, lol! Today we ran a bunch of errands and my feet are really sore. I am also starting to get a little tired from going up stairs etc. Also, I've sporadically been having restless leg at night and it's pretty yucky. I just can't relax because I feel like I have to shake my legs super fast. If I don't move them when this happens I feel sooooo tense.

Best moment this week: Well, for 29 weeks it was this one:

And this one:

And for 30 weeks it was moving into here:
This is actually from the backyard (or the golf course which it is on). The Maddox resident is on the right and the Eisenberg residence is on the left. Their's is actually a tiny bit bigger than ours even though it looks the opposite in the picture. And if we're saying best moment, this is probably a roller coaster of best and worst moments because I hate moving and being unsettled and I've definitely had some hissy fits about not being settled. Um, hormones? Sorry Charlie and family.

I found this and texted it to my mom: 

But then we woke up at 6 am to this out our floor to ceiling bedroom window and felt a bit better:

The view actually isn't even in that picture. I was taking it straight on, but if you turn to the left a tiny bit, it's the entire strip.

Most looking forward to: Being settled, getting the baby's room ready, and in a few months, joining Charlie in on one of these:

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