Friday, December 13, 2013

28 week bumpdate

How far along: 28 weeks 2 days. Officially 3rd trimester by all means of calculating! (there are slight discrepancies as to what weeks are which trimester).

How big is baby: Probably between 2-2.5 pounds! He is a little taller than a foot from heel to head, and he is gaining some cute baby fat now!

Weight gained: I'm out of town but I weighed myself before I left and it was right around 15 pounds.

Maternity clothes: The dress in the pic above is not maternity, and fit fine, but it's a stretchy material. There's no way I would fit into regular non maternity jeans. I wouldn't even want to try!

Stretch marks: Same - none yet, just that stupid linea negra.

Miss anything?: Were in the gas lamp district in san diego and some drinks would be awesome.

Movement: Yes! The last few days have been big movement days. My mom and I were watching something on my laptop yesterday, and I had the laptop rested on my belly while we were laying on our back. He was kicking and we could see the laptop move up and down about 5-6 times in a row. I also felt him a bit higher than I have before. Lastly, at one point he was kicking and I put my hand in the spot and put some pressure on it, and he tapped back. It was like he was saying "hey yup thats me mommy!"

Cravings: Nothing in particular. Just hungry a lot. I won't be hungry and out of nowhere I will be starving. Like, I need two tablespoons of peanut butter kind of hunger.

Aversions:  Not really, although I realized I haven't had beets in a while and I normally like them - I've picked them out of my salad lately if it comes with them and when we had them at big dinners I didn't take any.

Other symptoms: I must have had some bug or fever the last couple of days because yesterday during the conference I was SO HOT and could not cool down. We went to dinner with a bunch of people from Vegas and it was cold outside and I didn't even take a sweater because I was so hot. When I woke up today I was drenched in sweat so I must have had a fever that broke. I feel fine, kind of under the weather but not sick if that makes sense. Mostly tired. 

Also, we've been walking around for the conference and when I walk I will get braxton hicks, or this cramp on my right side. It's not very painful or anything, but I'm aware. I also have had to pee like, a million times. I will literally pee, go back to my session, and already have to pee again. I think it's gravity because when I am laying on my back that feeling subsides.

Best moment this week: For the first time a stranger recognized I was pregnant - I have popped! It really depends on what I am wearing, but for the most part people can FINALLY tell. I also had a great time at this conference and it was so powerful being with 5000 other URJ members for Shabbat this evening. Lastly, Charlie is officially on his "way home" aka, he is in a safer location in the middle east for about a week before a plane picks him up and brings him back. Shabbat Shalom indeed for him and our family.

Most looking forward to: Moving more stuff to the Ridges house, and starting to cook and bake things for Charlie's homecoming!

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