Meet the dogs!

Birthday: January 15, 2006
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Positive Qualities: extremely friendly, always affectionate
Negative Qualities: bad breath, always affectionate!
Belongs to: Danny and Lauren (Avigail's parents)

Birthday: January 5th, 2005 (same as Odge)
Breed: Shih-tzu Poodle Mix (same as Odge)
Positive qualities: extremely cuddly, the sweetest one
Negative qualities: kind of a loner
Trademark: "Guards" the house by sitting on the couch upstairs and looking out the window
Belongs to: Danny and Lauren (Avigail's parents)

Birthday: January 5, 2005 (Same as Lee)
Breed: Shih-tzu Poodle Mix (Same as Lee)
Positive Qualities: fiesty, well trained - except for "come", spunky, sweet, adventurous
Negative Qualities: way too stubborn, adventurous sometimes gets into trouble (has survived being hit by a car and being attacked by a large dog)
Weird Qualities: scared of dishes - will back away even if there is the most mouth watering steak in it, will only eat out of his bowl if very hungry, otherwise will sit and watch it, but will eat food off the floor
Belongs to: Charlie and Avigail (not Danny!!!!, no stealing Odge please)