Friday, May 02, 2014

Mom fail Friday

So last week I posted a mom fail Friday about Henry's missing kippa but what I should have posted about is a much more serious mom fail. Heartbreaking really.

I needed the lunch cooler for services last week since I planned on giving Henry bottles at the synagogue and would just pump at home. I opened up the cooler, and there staring at me were two bags of milk from my trip to Texas.... just sitting in the bottom, not frozen.... I don't know how much it was but probably 10 ounces of wasted milk. I know I saved the rest from my trip to Texas, and I counted and I have almost 175 ounces of milk in the freezer. But still! That's ten ounces wasted and not being liquid gold for my baby!!! Whoever said don't cry over spilled milk obviously never pumped that milk themselves! Fail!

I didn't snap a picture of rotten breastmilk so here's one instead :-)
Henry and his girlfriend Leah. 

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