Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Head control

Henry has been pretty advanced with his motor skills. Like I said, at one week he tried to roll from back to tummy in his crib, and he started rolling from tummy to back at a month. 

On Saturday we waned to take him swimming and the aronsons brought Leah over (who is almost 7 months....what???)

Charlie's parents sent is this tugboat pool float that Henry is way too young for but I wanted to sit him in it with my support. It was a bit cold so we snapped a pic and took him out and straight to the tub. 

We also got a family picture which I think is funny because it's like the one we took on Hawaii but with a Henry instead of a dolphin!

As much as swimming with dolphins was a dream of mine and on my bucket list, the experience is incomparable to the family pic in the pool. (Say awe). 

Later that night we also tried him out in his "bumbo" seat. I don't know what the generic name for those seats are but we have a different brand - prince lionheart. The pros are that it straps your child in and the seat can strap to aside face like a chair, but the cons are that it's not as soft as te bumbo. 

Henry isn't a fan of tummy time and will just roll over most of the time, so I will often do it with him on my chest. He held himself like this for minutes. And these are two of my favorite pics of him. 

He looks so big and grown up! Like a real baby, not just a squishy newborn! 

I gotta say though, I hope no matter how good his head control becomes that well always have these moments:

(Please excuse the fact that I literally never wear make up for any of these pics anymore). 

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  1. #1 - Henry is AH-freakin-dorable! #2 - You are gorgeous without makeup! Your eyes light up your face!