Monday, January 06, 2014

31 week bumpdate

How far along: 31 weeks and 5 days - this picture was taken yesterday. 
And yes I am late again. Let's just assume that will happen for a while now. The move has been crazy and then I got a yucky cold. So yucky I cancelled my Disney trip (waaaaaa!!!).

How big is baby: Last Monday he was 3 and a quarter pounds, so maybe 3.5 pounds today? He measured in the normal range, but on the smaller side of things, which is totally fine. HOWEVER, at 30 weeks and 5 days his head measured 34 weeks. Instant delivery fear!

Weight gained: about 17-18 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Yes. The leggings I'm wearing in the pic above aren't maternity, but they are fold over. I wore pj bottoms that weren't maternity and they fit but weren't my most comfortable. Definitely can't do jeans. I can still do non maternity shirts as long as they aren't super short.

Stretch marks: No but I haven't really been seeing my stomach because the mirrors in our house were installed really high up - I had to stand on a step stool to get the pic above. I can only see from like, my rib cage or chest and up in our bathroom. We ordered a full length stand mirror for our bedroom that just arrived, but for some reason it's not the same as vein gin front of the mirror every time I brush my teeth and hair and put on face cream etc. We are trying to come up with a mirror solution though.

Miss anything?: Mirrors that go down to counter height? Lol. And beer - I would have loved a beer the other night. Charlie ordered a fat tire at dinner and I had a small sip. He wouldn't let me have a second sip though.

Movement: Yup! Mostly when I am sitting and laying down.

Cravings: Peanut butter. And just overall hungry.

Aversions:  Haven't really wanted coffee because of heartburn.

Other symptoms: I had a cold that crept up a few days before new years but I attributed it to dust in the house. Nope, definitely a cold, and so not fun when pregnant. I finally feel better today. Other symptoms are the same - pretty bad heartburn but a combination of prilosec and pepcid in the morning helps, and then tums if I need it later in the day. I haven't really been sore which is great, but I am definitely getting out of breath going up stairs, which is just weird to me! 

Best moment this week: We had a good doctors appointment and Charlie got to actually come to an ultrasound. They tried to go to 3d but his hand was over his face the whole time so we didn't see anything. We have a 3d ultrasound on Wednesday and I can't wait for Charlie to be there while it's happening instead of just seeing a couple pictures after. Also, we had our very first New Years together - he has been working or deployed every other year! One year he called me RIGHT at midnight and we saw each other at around 1 am, but this was our first midnight kiss/fireworks together new years :-)

Most looking forward to: The 3d ultrasound on Wednesday, and getting more settled with the move. Baby shower in 2 weeks and Eden comes to visit in a week and a half!!!! Eeeeeeh!

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