Tuesday, January 28, 2014

34 week bumpdate

How far along?: 34 weeks 6 days. Okay I know I'm 35 weeks tomorrow, but considering I win to post these on Fridays and it's Tuesday, I'm not that late.....

This was the day I turned 34 weeks:

Pay attention kind friends. Avigail has an unmade bed in the above pic. Blasphemy. But really, my covers are heavy and I had no energy that day so I waited til Charlie was home to help me make it. But then he napped instead so I skipped a day of bed making. I'm still having anxiety over it. 

How big is baby: I asked if they could guesstimate his weight at my appointment on Friday and they did a very rough estimate of 5 pounds 11 ounces. I know it's inaccurate because they didn't take all his measurements (like arms etc) and I know his head was biggest. Also, the abdomen measurement they took they told me wasn't accurately straight across. I wasn't supposed to get a growth scan at all so I'm just glad they did that for me! His head only measured 1.5 weeks ahead instead of 3.5 like last time. I'm guessing last estimate was a low one, and this estimate was a high. It I had to guess, he's probably just under 5 pounds. 

Weight gained: I was up to about 21 pounds but I've been getting full so fast that I lost two pounds the last few days. First time in my life I didn't like seeing a lower number!!!! So yesterday and today I was at 19 pounds. 

Maternity clothes: same as last week. 

Stretch marks: Same as last week. 

Miss anything?: Making the bed easily.

Movement: Yes, and I've gotten this weird bulging several times on my right side, like I can push it back in. An actual foot or something sticks out. Sadly Charlie hasn't been quick enough, he always pulls the limb back in when Charlie puts his hand. I've also had a few times where I'll feel taps on both my sides at the same time. I feel like he's doing a jumping jack and hitting them both!

Cravings: Bland food (plane rice for example) and smoothies. I've also been really thirsty. 

Aversions:  Salty food. Stupid swelling affecting my tastebuds. 

Other symptoms: I've been getting full really fast. I'm trying not to confuse this weeks symptoms with last weeks! 

Best moment this week: I got to have lunch with my good friend Leslie and I did a wine and canvas (sans wine, boo), with Jill, our other friend Jill, and my mom. 

We very randomly decided to do a peacock theme in our powder room so this was perfect!

I also go to babysit this little future girlfriend of my son, and hang out with her momma when she came back. 

Sweetest picture ever because Dana didn't realize she was laying just like Leah!

Most looking forward to: We've been working on organizing the nursery and in super excited to keep going, and also pack our hospital bags. I typically abhor packing, but am excited for this. 

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