Monday, January 27, 2014

Hi, remember me? Let's backtrack to October

Hi blogosphere, Remember me - the girl who used to blog?

Well, I don't even know what I've been busy doing, but I have been! And let's be honest, cell phones just make turning the computer on and using that so darn inconvenient. And my awesome canon rebel, ummmm let's say I still have pictures from Italy almost a year ago on that. Whoopsies.

So here are things I need to catch up on, in no particular order. I'll begin with a very special trip a few months ago.

In October I visited my bff Eden, aka Essy, in Philadelphia.

The night I got in, "ma" took us out for dinner.

We had some fun times.

Ummmm what? I didn't eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerrys. Eden totally helped.

Judge away, the lentil soup needed some Israeli pickles sprinkled on.  I bet Jaren understands. Those pickles make everything better. Pregnant or not.

I also left with a new scar:

Falling while walking to meet her after work. And at the end of January, that scar is there to stay. Since I am about 35 weeks pregnant today and have not shaved my legs due to that, I will spare you a pic of the scar.

Essy's birthday was that weekend so we went out a couple of times. Her good friend Rachel couldn't come to her main celebration so we went out the night before.

Okay I totally just screen shotted those from instagram and didn't crop them. Sue me.

We got to see our other sorority sister Katie (no pics, boo), and also got to see my cousin and her baby - Bridget and Ryan. I have pictures. Look how cuteeeeeee!

Ess was in Heaven - she loves babies, and would ya look at that head of hair?

Eeeeeh I can't wait til she visits and she can do that with our baby boy! (And until baby Maddox meets Ryan, who will have 23947394 times more hair on his head at that point).

Me and Bridget:

And the baby!

And now both babies!

Essy and I made some awesome recipes. I doubt I'll post those, so loose instructions are below...until maybe I make those again when I'm back in a routine. Then I can blog real recipes.

We made a "mexican lentil stew" - I cheated and bought pre-cooked lentils from trader jo's.

It didn't thicken up like I wanted (probably because the lentils were precooked, duh) so added quinoa and it thickened it right up. It was super spicy, but yummmmm.

We also made turkey chili,

 and a white bean/tomato/spinach stew:

Typical us:

The night we went to celebrate her birthday with her friends was very fun - it was a dueling piano bar which I hadn't been to in a while! Those are always fun. She did some weird type shot thing for her birthday.

But I wouldn't let her go on stage, 28 is different than 21. Even though we're both 24 still.....
Here are some more pics - make sure to check out the shoes we saw on some lady!

See ya next time Ess!

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