Friday, January 10, 2014

32 week bumpdate

How far along: 32 weeks two days 

How big is baby: big enough to hurt my ribs! Probably almost 4 pounds

Weight gained: 18 pounds

Maternity clothes: Yes. I tried to wear a non maternity shirt today and it fit but it looked really weird

Stretch marks: Same, but I had a dream during a nap that I woke up and had AWFUL stretch marks. Like, dried scabby ones. And they showed up while I napped. In the dream. But then I actually woke up and was fine.

Miss anything?: Nope

Movement: Yes, and it's been hurting a bit this week! His feet are under my ribs on the right side, but I also had a bit of a stomach ache which made all his movements feel sensitive.

Cravings: Fruit - grapes and clementines. And still Thai food. 

Aversions:  Nope

Other symptoms: I've been hot and sometimes waking up sweating. I'm definitely peeing when I sneeze hard (it's happened twice now, UGH).  Also my hormones have totally taken over and out of nowhere I'll go from calm to like, raging mad and then I want to cry. I would say for no reason, but I create tiny insignificant reasons if that makes sense. But really no reason. Heartburn still loves me. It's not a reciprocated relationship. And going up the stairs has gotten HARD! I feel like I am just complaining but really it's nothing that bad or that I can't handle, just expected third trimester stuff.

Best moment this week: I got to have a girls night out with Jaren and see Mamma Mia. Also we had a 3d ultrasound that charlie could actually attend which was really nice but his hand was in his face the ENTIRE time (little stinker has kept his hand at his face this entire pregnancy). I get a redo because they couldn't get a face shot so fingers crossed!

Most looking forward to: Eden coming next Thursday!!!

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