Friday, January 31, 2014

35 week bumpdate

How far along?: 35 weeks 2 days. Hello on time blog post, it's nice to see you again!

How big is baby: I was born at 35 weeks and I think I weighed just under 5 pounds. Or maybe just over 5 pounds? Two different baby apps have compared him to a honeydew melon and a coconut. Now I want melon. And pineapple. And clementines. But baby probably weighs 5 ish pounds, maybe just over. Weird!!!!

Weight gained: Ok hope this makes sense. I'm down to being up 18 pounds from being up 21. But my doctor doesn't seem concerned since I'm hydrated etc. Silly baby squishing my stomach and not letting me eat. 

Maternity clothes: I tried a non maternity shirt with some of my low cut pregnancy jeans and had to change because the bottom of my belly officially showed. The green shirt in the pic above isn't maternity but it's longer than normal I guess. 

Stretch marks: Same.

Miss anything?: Being able to move around more easily and not feeling like my arms/hands are heavy. Also really miss not getting short of breath and tightness in my chest/neck when I am even slightly reclined on my back. 

Movement: Yes, at my monitoring visit on Tuesday I had to be hooked up for a while because he was moving the entire first half hour and they couldn't get anything accurate. 

Cravings: Clementines. I could eat a dozen in a sitting. Also cupcakes. Hint hint Stacy Vaughn! 

Aversions:  Nothing strong this week. 

Other symptoms: I've been getting full fast still, but it's fine some days and comes back the next. I have had a couple more throwing up incidents but not many, just have no room in my stomach I guess! Trying to eat very small portions and often to reduce it. 

Earlier in the week I went for a loooooong walk with my friend and neighbor Tracey, and was exhausted and contracting after. Poor Charlie had to keep getting up to get me things because all I wanted to do was have my feet up. I did manage to still make dinner that night though :-) But holy moly it was like I had ran a marathon.

Lastly, I've had a couple nights of period like cramps, nothing severe at all, but it's getting me excited that things may be happening and he may come between 38-39 weeks unlike first time moms who go past their due dates. Wishful thinking right? I want him to cook long enough and that seems like a perfect amount of time to me!

Best moment this week: I got my sewing machine out and set up and made some bibs for baby Leah:

Lots more projects to come now that it's all set up again.

We also got the car seat base installed in my car and I learned how to use it. I am seriously obsessed with this car seat. Not only does it have the MOST advanced safety technology (air and gcell and all this fancy stuff) but it's so beautiful, and the fabric is so nice and high quality. I love how sleek it looks. At first I wanted the green color so it could be gender neutral but future girls will just have to use a blue one because I love this color. 

Thank you, Theodore, for modeling proper car seat safety. I've been able to trust you for over 20 years :-)

Most looking forward to: this weekend I'm hoping to finish getting the nursery put together (we need some shelves and a recliner). Also installing the video monitor and getting swings/bouncers set up in the house. My friend Dana told me I'm nesting. Yay!

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