Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sausage corn dip

In honor of super bowl (which I didn't really watch and barely saw commercials disappointment), I decided to make a super unhealthy corn dip. I got this recipe back when I lived in the south (because let's face it I would have never cooked something like this before).

It's one of my favorites, and goes great with corn chips, or just with a spoon like the glutton I am.

I decided to "healthy" it up a bit with 1/3 lower fat cream cheese (ummmm even though I added an entire stick of butter later)

Add two cans of rotel, undrained (or store brand like I used)

And a "lot" of cumin. I have no idea how much. Start with a teaspoon? Go up to a tablespoon or two? Just base it on your preference.

Ahhh, the stick of butter I mentioned. Toss it in there.

I bought two small bags of corn - one yellow and one white. I could have probably sipped the white because really, you can't taste the difference, and I prefer white corn when you appreciate the corn. I microwaved the frozen corn and tossed it in.

And then sautéed up three of these "lower fat" sausages. Because, ya know, I needed to counteract that stick of butter.

Crumble it up and toss it in . I had already put half the crumbled sausage in when I realized I forgot to snap. Not food blogging or months has gotten me out of the habit!

Yes it looks kinda meh, but I promise, it's amazing.

Leave it in your crock pot for about an hour on high and then on warm for the rest of the night.

Enjoy with corn chips!

-2 8-ounce packages of low fat cream cheese, at room temp
-1 stick of room temp butter (I'm sure you could use less or more)
-2 cans of undrained rotel
-cumin (lets go with 2 teaspoons, but use at will)
-1 pound of frozen corn, microwaved, (or you'll have to increase your crockpot time to let things heat through)
-3 (or more) links of sausage - I bought the sweet kind but you can use the hot kind as well.

1. Put everything except sausage in a crockpot on hot and stir it up.
2. Cook sausage per package directions (I like it to get really browned). Crumble it up. Toss in crockpot.
3. Mix it all up and let it heat all the way through. Enjoy with corn chips!

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