Sunday, February 09, 2014

36 weeks

Darn it - wrote this yesterday (one day late) and forgot to post. Two days late, but whose counting?

How far along?: 36 weeks 3 days. One day late! Today's picture brought to you by the letter g, for gala. 

How big is baby: big enough to wake me up because I'm uncomfortable. Probably almost 6 pounds, and he's gaining like, half a pound a week or so!

Weight gained: back up to 20-21 pounds. 

Maternity clothes: same

Stretch marks: Same.

Miss anything?: Comfort and mobility.

Movement: Yes, and he pokes limbs into my right side below my ribs. So not fun. 

Cravings: Fruit - pineapple, clementines, mango, all of it. Smoothies too! And even though I have a vitamix and make smoothies, I've been craving tropical smoothie smoothies! I think it's just the thought that it's made for me.

Aversions:  Nothing strong this week. 

Other symptoms: Have I mentioned on the blog that I'm always hot? I somehow don't think I've mentioned that. Poor Charlie is freezing, and I am still so hot. He said I am never allowed to be pregnant in the summer. I probably will come home from the hospital and be like, oh my gosh how have we had it so cold in the house? But right now I am just so hot.

Also, my belly button is getting a little flatter. I hope it stays an innie in the next few weeks! The baby is definitely in a position that it's getting hard to bend forward and move around. Maybe tmi (but I don't really care) but it's hard to wipe when I pee! Hahaha! I mean I am doing it just fine (don't be concerned) but it's uncomfortable. Heartburn is still in full force. 

Since yesterday I've been having dull cramps. Actually yesterday I just woke up flat uncomfortable. Not pain per se, but sooooo uncomfortable and by last night the cramps were just yucky. I wanted a heating pad when we came home from the gala, but we didn't know where it was (turns out in my mom's house). I'm hoping this is a sign labor is coming soon!

Best moment this week: This week was so busy! I was just go-go-go! I had a lot to do around the house that I didn't really get to until the end of the week/weekend because I just had all these errands to do, and I couldn't even tell you what they are at this point. I got my sunglasses fixed (they snapped in half when we were in Boston, while IN THE CASE), we got a new tenant at the LR house and I went and organized it etc, I had some sewing to do, and I don't even know what else, but it was busy! We did get a lazy boy chair for the nursery that I love, and we'll be able to use it forever, not just for the nursery. So just a busy week, no real best moment.

And because in proud, some sewing pics:

I also made a moose shirt for baby Edward and forgot to snap a pic. :-(

Most looking forward to: I'm getting a prenatal massage this week, so definitely that. But I'm most looking forward to having this baby! I guess I really should pack my hospital today. 

And for fun - some pics from last night:

I hate the angle of that pic and just feel like I look fat instead of pregnant. But we get so few pics together due to camera shy Charlie. Here's one hiding the belly with my purse:

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