Friday, February 14, 2014

37 week bumpdate

How far along: 37 weeks 2 days

How big is baby: according to sites he is anywhere from 6 1/4 pounds to 6-9 pounds. I feel like he's probably right around 6-6.5 right now.

Weight gained: I haven't weighed myself the last few days and have somehow managed to not get weighed at the doctor this week at both appointments!!! Hehehe. But I have been starving this week and able to eat larger quantities than when I threw up a protein bar, so I am assuming I'm up around 23-24 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Yes and no. Jeans obviously. Some shirts are totally fine and some shirts are totally not fine. Today I wore a pair of short that weren't maternity because I AM SO HOT I had to change out of my pants. They were a little tight but honestly more on my legs than my tummy haha!

Stretch marks: Same linea negra. And my belly button is getting flatter. Still an innie but much "shallower".

Miss anything?: Being able to recline even slightly and not get out of breath!

Movement: Still has his feet in my right side and under ribs. According to the last two ultrasounds his head is really low, but his feet are still high. I'm just hiding him in there well! It's also getting a little hard to distinguish braxton hicks contractions with him moving around, for example if his bottom is pressed against me it feels super hard/tight. I have to feel the rest of my stomach to tell if it's just him moving or if it's a contraction (if it is a contraction my whole stomach is that hard).

Cravings: Fruit and smoothies. Fruit smoothies. I want tropical smoothie now. Yes I have a vitamix upstairs. But still.

Aversions:  Not that I would drink wine but my mom offered me a sip of her wine at dinner and the thought revolted me with the heartburn. Oh, and in the ultrasound today they confirmed he still has hair! I seriously think he is gonna be born with a mullet because at a few ultrasounds all the hair they've pointed out has been on top of his neck. Oy! I'll birth a teeny tiny redneck Jewish baby - Billy Bob Shmulik.

Other symptoms: I'm feeling pretty good this week honestly! I am more impatient/anxious to meet him, than miserably uncomfortable. Yes I am uncomfortable, but it's very expected at 9 months pregnant. At my appointment today they offered to do a check and I wasn't dilated at all but was 25% effaced. My cousin Bridget said that it has to start somewhere! True that.

Best moment this week: I got to have an Aggie-Elsie day today! Jaren's mom had surgery and she decided to take Clara to go home to Montana and be with her, so I got to bond with Els-smels all day while Roger was at work. It was SO MUCH FUN.

 I also got to hang out with Aunt Nancy's granddaughter Maddie. Maddie was supposed to be flower girls with Clara but her naughty brother Charlie decided to put his mommy on bedrest while he was still an "inside baby" and she couldn't make it. Maddie loved Lee, as opposed to Elsie who feared him.

 Yes little tiny Lee who is the most mellow dog in the world scared Elsie, but Maya, the most cloying dog in the world, was her favorite. So funny. Oh Smels. 
I think I will write a separate blogpost on this.

Most looking forward to: Having a baby. 

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