Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mi Ra?

"Mi Ra?" means "who is bad?" in Hebrew. Passover is coming up so I am teaching them that Pharaoh was bad. They know "tov" means good, so I said "ra lo tov." "Mi Ra?" And one of my first graders raises her hands and starts talking about her housekeeper! I about died laughing in my head. The answer was Pharaoh....hahahaha.

Snapped out of my blah mood - just staying active and still working out. I ran a new running goal w/o stopping the other day which felt amazing. I'm also trying to come up with some set summer plans. Right now I'd really like to work at Meredith's autism lab, maybe even do some research for them. I'd also love to do some nannying for some of my students - parents have contacted me and I didn't know what I'd do w/o my kiddos all summer so that solves that! They seriously put me in the best mood ever. Last week Nechama baked me chocolate peanut butter rice krispie treats for no reason. My first graders and Kindergarten give me hugs every single day, and I love my 4th graders (especially when they behave!). 

I'm going home next week for 10 days - I can't wait to cook. We want to make leg of lamb, and not sure what else. Seafood meatballs for sure - so delicious! Mom and I are going to drive to Utah too and I am so excited to see everyone!

I have to go plot an April Fool's trick.

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  1. I'm so glad you came to Utah! It was a joy to see you again. I'm so proud of all you've become. You are impressive!