Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Okay, took a hiatus from blogging! I saw that I posted resolutions last year and most of them came true, so decided to do that again this year. I'm not carrying any over purposefully from last year, but just coming up with original ones, if some are repeats, I guess I'll really bust my ass for them this year!

1. Improve my spelling in Hebrew and ability to have intellectual conversations fluidly.
2. Run a half marathon.
3. Do as much of my pre-reqs for masters as I can (don't want to say finish because it might take longer).
4. Be even better about lesson plans and assignments: always be at least 3 lessons ahead for every class, and never wait more than two days to start grading assignments unless it's a weekend.
5. Visit three new places (US or international)
6. Start flossing again. I know this was a resolution last year, and I did it very well for a while, and then stopped.
7. Be better about making appointments for donating blood. I could donate more often if I did this because half the time I call and they are totally booked. While we're on this, motivate 3 non-regular donors to come with me at least once each.
8. Drink less soda and even more water. Coffee still okay, but tea after 4 pm.
9. Maintain not being addicted to my phone.
10. Find a restaurant in Vegas to recreationally cook at (need to find chefs that will humor me). Can't fly to Raleigh every time I have an itching for some restaurant prep!
11. Make my parents proud.
12. Make my sister proud.
13. Stay up to date with my autism knowledge and volunteer w/FEAT or like organization at least 2 times this year, even though I am no longer doing therapy/consulting.
14. Laugh HARD every day.
15. Maintain behavioral principles in classroom management - don't be hypocritical and stand by my values, even though at times punishment/yelling seems so tasty.
16. Maintain behavioral principles in personal relationships - especially giving positive reinforcement/feedback sporadically!
17. Get more involved in Delta Gamma alumni community service - help this local chapter find visually impaired people for us to help run errands, or the like.
18. Play piano again. Haven't decided if I want to tackle learning a new piece (it would probably be 3rd movement of Beethoven's moonlight sonata), or just to re-perfect all my old pieces. Okay - start w/re-perfecting all old pieces, then decide :-P
19. Change my jewelry move often. Rings are okay, but I have so many cute earrings, and many non-heart necklaces I should show off! Okay, I'm still allowed to wear heart necklaces, but not every day!
20. My OCD is making me have 20 and not 19....AH! Oh, I know! Split my time between listening to country/npr more equally and randomly, so I don't always hear the same NPR shows but have variety.

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  1. I liked #10! I'm always like that when I travel to Europe with Eddy. Luckily Italian food is just about everywhere and I love Italian.