Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let's see how much time I can waste trying to come up with cute blog titles

I bet this post will take me 3 minutes to type out, and I have no idea what to title it. Nothing too exciting has happened, just want to keep things regular here (I guess I take my blog fiber! Ha I am lame).

On Friday I went to a new nail lady - I used to go to the Salon at Lakeside in high school and decided I missed having that relationship w/a nail lady, so Legally Blonde therapeutic! Sounds terrible but I like that I can converse with someone whose accent I can understand without having to ask "what" 8 times.  The salon was nice - definitely more upscale than the asian walk-in places, and the cost was about the same!

When I came home I was excited because I had a belated birthday card for my mom from the dogs (Maya apologizes for being late) and one from me, as well as a present for Charlie. Mom got upset because the dogs forgot to put an apostrophe on the word "we're". She later told Charlie that I once cancelled a date with a guy because he mis-spelled some word in a text. Charlie told her he thought I was joking when I told him poor/incorrect grammar was a deal breaker! Thank G-d my love knows his "there/they're/their" differences! Phew!

The card from the dogs

Card from me to mom

Charlie's present was a little gag gift but he can also put it to use if he wants. One of the first things we spoke about when we started speaking to each other and dating was my Judaism. He wanted to make sure it wouldn't be an issue that he wasn't Jewish, and I explained that as long as he understood its importance to me, and knew that I would want to raise my kids 100% Jewish (were it to progress to that), that there was no issue. He immediately responded that his kids could be Jewish so long as they were Seminole fans. Although I am a Duke fan, I have no issue converting for him :-) Charlie has been so great with the whole Jewish thing - asking me tons of questions, trying to learn phrases in Hebrew, cooking me a Passover meal, and even coming to a Shabbat service with me and stopping by at the Israel Independence Day event. I hope when his season starts I can be as supportive!! Anyway, I thought it would be funny if I got him a present that represented this conversation. Yesterday there was a Bar Mitzvah at Temple Sinai and I decided to get Noah a kippa that has his favorite team on it. I got Joseph Littmann a Red Sox one for his Bar Mitzvah and he LOVED it, so decided to do it again. When I placed the order through Ilana Shapiro (who gave me a fabulous product!), I decided to get one for Charlie with the Seminoles logo on it! He can have it for the days he chooses to come to Shabbat services with me, or just as a fun keepsake. 

Noah's Bar Mitzvah service was yesterday morning and the party was last night. Noah did a great job, he chanted three Aliyot and had a great speech where he incorporated playing his cello to interpret the trumpet that is spoken about in the parsha. He was wearing his new kippa (angels is his team) and Justin Sakofs turned to me and asked "is that your doing?" It was so nice to see that Justin came and Marla as well, as they were Noah's religious school and Hebrew School teachers. Even better, Marla told me that she is not moving after all and can stay with us next year. What an amazing thing to hear, that such an incredible teacher is staying! She is beyond a treasure.

 Charlie is on morning shifts which is nice to have a regular schedule, but hard because we are going to bed so early. Although I love it, it's hard when his mid week is the weekend and there are night goings on. We went to the party yesterday and had a green screen shot as well as a caricature drawing - which looks nothing like me but oh well! I was laughing that my picture is off and lopsided because I kept looking over at Charlie and smiling at him, kissing his cheek etc (are you grossed out by how in love we are, hehehe), when I should have been looking at the artist. Tell me what you think!!

I do love that you can see Charlie's arm around me :-) The lady only took 4-5 minutes per person, pretty impressive. It was fun to get all dressed up! The dinner was not bad at all - some yummy ravioli type things (I ate one and gave two to Charlie), a caesar salad, and the main course (I had sea-bass and he had filet mignon). We left right after dinner because Charlie's cousin Jennifer and her husband were passing through town and we wanted to see them and have Charlie be home early enough to get a good nights sleep before waking up at 6 am. We met up with them at Lagasse and one of her husband's friends actually currently works with Charlie on the same flight, which was ironic. It was a very short visit but nice that they got to catch up.

Me and Charlie at Noah's Bar Mitzvah reception
I had reallllly strange dreams last night, the kind where you wake up and just feel the exact emotions and it takes you a while to snap out of the dream. I have a youth group hike this afternoon at  5 pm and hope to go meet up with Dan and Rose at a coffee shop so I can see them for a bit. I will post pictures of the hike!

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  1. I am so so glad Marla is staying with us next year!