Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mom fail Friday - two days late

I'm starting a segment called mom fail Friday. Except it's Sunday. By mom fail Sunday doesn't sound good so there it is. 

First fail happened about a month ago during a huge consignment sale Vegas has 4 times a year. I had run a few errands with my dad (car shop for each of our cars), and then stopped at a baby store to feed Henry. I got to the consignment sale all late and disheveled (basically the description of any new mom), and realized after alllll that (I didn't give all the details), I forgot the stroller! Absolutely no way I can carry Henry around in the carseat at a warehouse sized sale. Fail. Had to drive over 30 minutes home empty handed. 

Mom fail 2 happened today. Had lunch after Sunday school and fed Henry at the restaurant. Had to run errands for a situation we had with the business, and I'm in the middle of a store at a shopping center and realized my bra isn't hooked back up!!! Whoops!

And because what's a blogpost without pictures, here are two for your enjoyment. 

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