Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Page Turners

Summer's here, and I don't have school! I am trying to keep myself busy with private clients as well as clients from Let's Talk Speech and Language Services' clinic, but I still have a lot of mornings free. Trying to be productive, work on my online courses, exercise, etc, but thanks to my dear friend Ryann Warlick, I have instead been spending most of my time reading the Twilight series. I am SO sad for when i finish it (in a couple days). These books are like 500-600 pages long, and I read them in a couple days because I get so caught up! I'm such a nerd. I should go hang out at high schools to talk to people about them. Well middle schools. I do need some page turner suggestions for when they're all done.

Mom and Dad just flew to Israel - so jealous! I am very content not really traveling this summer (Atlanta to take sis to med school, and boston w/mom for a weekend, but that doesn't really count). I won't go home until fall, but then I'll go twice, and then for winter again.

Moved into the new place w/Erica in N.Raleigh - we both love it! Our pool is so much fun and we just love this neighborhood. Also, I have a crush :-) We'll see what happens w/that. Haven't had a real crush in a while, and I'm not being cynical at all, which is when I know I actually like a guy, because that's how it was w/Grant. Usually guys sort of annoy me and I'm just cynical and want more independence than they give me, but this is exciting, so yay!

HG since you and my mom are prob the only ones reading this, call me woman, I miss you!

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  1. Your mom and HG are not the only ones reading! :)

    Be careful with your crush. Make sure he is worthy of you.

    And I hate Twilight. It's so co-dependent!