Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Clarice Starling

YAY no more boredom! I started w/my new kiddo (20 hours/week) and I'm in love. Of course that means that I'm driving all over the place to see my different clients so I picked up some books on tape, including Silence of the Lambs. It's good so far. I never saw the movie. It's weird because I strongly dislike scary movies but I love them as novels, and I strongly dislike chic-lit but I enjoy chic-flicks. I just finished Firefly Lane, which was really stupid at first, and then the last few chapters got suddenly sad and serious and good, and I am sitting in a nail salon in Boston with my mom, balling my eyes out!

Let's see, what else is going on. I started running again and am in a Women's Running group. I did 4 miles total today, but not at the same time - 2 w/Joanna, and 2 w/Pam and Ryann. I LOVE it. I am doing a 5k on August 30th for Leukemia and Lymphoma, a Mud Run for the Marine Corps September 19th, and a 5k for autism speaks on October 10th. So excited! My goal is to do a 10k by March, and a half marathon by next fall.

I was in Boston this weekend w/mom and the Sharon/Perrin family. It was amazing. It is crazy how comfortable I instantly feel w/Jackie and the rest of the family. Andre took us on his boat with Brit, Judit, and Jackie. It was such a fun day. Brit and I went tubing, which was weirdly more of a workout than it seems. The water was freezing! We also went to a really nice dinner at one point w/Jeremy and his family (from mom's school, he moved back to Boston). Mom and I shared parsnips as a side dish and they are officially my new favorite thing. We saw a store on Newberry street called LiLo or something like that, and it's an Israeli Jewelry/knick knack designer. Mom bought me a chamsa and a cute little elephant keychain, and a bracelet for herself, and I bought myself a huge open heart necklace (to add to my ridiculous heart necklace collection), and a little fish charm for Jo cuz she watched Odgey over the weekend. Speaking of Odgey he got shaved and they cut his top knot off w/o my permission and I am legitimately pissed. I told them to keep it long!

The weekend before Boston we went to Atlanta to move Adva into med school. I love Atlanta. It's so southern but diverse and metropolitan, as oxymoronic as that sounds. Emory is great and a perfect fit for her. Mom and I went to Craft, which is owned by Tom Collicchio (he has a chain of them). Adva lives in a house that is owned by a professor and rents out rooms. It's a really unique situation but actually is pretty awesome. Her roommates are one girl in her class who is my age, and one boy who is a year older than her who is starting Law School. They don't have Harris Teeter there but they have Publix which I went into and is fabulous. We also went to the International Farmers market and it was like a candy store.

I had a GREAT birthday. I was house-sitting for the Kramers in their palace. So many of my friends came, it was so nice, I don't think I've had such a lovely birthday since I was young and my mom would plan amazing games and make the best cakes ever. Now I don't remember how they tasted, but she had this book about creative cake designs, and she would make Barbie dress cakes, cakes shaped like farms with animals, pools, beaches, and my fav (besides Barbie) is a carousel one. Anyway, so many friends came, and we grilled awesome food, had a bit to drink, and just had a blast. Nobody was too wild, people just enjoyed the food etc. I actually have friends this year that brought me presents and cards. Not that I enjoy getting presents because I always feel a bit uncomfortable, but the fact that friends came with cards and balloons, cakes, and actual gifts, and not just alcohol, meant to me that I have friends that have the same values as me. Don't get me wrong, many brought wine and we enjoyed plenty of it, (and the Kramers enjoyed what I left for them!).

Okay I'm exhausted and have to be in Durham at 8 am tomorrow and traffic is NOT fun. Laila Tov.

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