Friday, September 23, 2011

Currently Reading...

1. "Mudbound" by Hilary Jordan. I am almost done. I really recommend it. I will be discussing it in a book club I was invited to by Angie next week. I was also invited to a Delta Gamma alumni group book club that I will try to attend - the book they picked sounds good too - it's called "Wanderlust". Neither book club seems to have picked books for the next few months, which bothers me. I always like to know ahead of time, this way I can plan which book I want to read, etc. I can also order them all together on amazon. Although I suspect I will soon be converted to the kindle.

2. A few different articles for school (masters) on the Hebrew school issue and the fact that our youth is over programmed and it's just not working. Ugh, no magic solution yet.

3. About a hundred different books on high holidays and sukkot to finish up the family program on October 9th. I got about 7 responses from NATE list serve (National Association of Temple Educators) where people just sent me their ENTIRE programs, organized to the T that they have done for Sukkot form past years. They include supplies lists and post-programs critiques, etc. WOW!

Speaking of Sukkot, Charlie and I had our palm fronds removed, and cut down the three pine trees in the back (wow those pine needles SUCKED!). I thought that the palm fronds would be perfect for the s'chach of the sukkah (the material that we need to use as a roof for it),

For those who do not know what a Sukkah is, it is a "hut" that you build that has to be made of temporary/natural material, has an open wall, you have to see the stars through the top. You usually decorate it with colorful paper chains, hanging fruit, lights if you want, etc. You have it up and eat your meals in it during the holiday Sukkot, "Feast of Tabernacles"

We ended up having SO MUCH, enough for a lot of sukkot (plural of sukkah). We'll obviously give some to my parents and use for ours if Charlie ends up building one. If anybody needs palm fronds, let us know! The backyard smells like a forrest - very piny, I want to go to a log cabin!

Shabbat Shalom Ya'll!

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  1. I love my Kindle. In fact, I love it so much I don't even buy real books anymore. If/when you get one, let me know and I'll hook you up with a site for freebies.