Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Disneyland and food catch up!

 Hi all!
Long time no see. Decided to try out this blogger app on my phone (thanks for the idea, Jaren!). 

Well, been upto a lot here. First of all, I went to Italy! And came back. I may blog about that later. I have pictures but lets be realistic here, it was a couple months ago already. Whoopsies!

I also went to Disneyland with Stacy. Best trip! We found out Minnie is a DG!

And I may have photo bombed Mickey so I wouldn't have to wait in line for him. 

Bahahaha, obnoxious. 

Our favorite?
Definitely space mountain! Also, teacups, and the world of color show. This show put the bellagio water show to shame. Look at our pure joy:

Okay, I've been cooking up a storm. Charlie and I are staying with my parents while we rent our house out (to put a looooong story short), and I'm the family caretaker. I love it! I get everyone their groceries, run their errands, and of course cook. 

Here's my attempt at my great grandmas scones, best served with butter and jam (wish I could find clotted cream here!)

Mom requested ugat shmarim for her birthday after last year's surprise:

And I made her breakfast in bed:

I found my favorite way to cook a whole chicken:

And a great technique for perfect meatballs (these were turkey)

Made a couple pizzas with homemade whole wheat crust:

And got some candy molds that me and Jaren put to use for cupcake decor. 

I also cooked up a storm with Eden when I visited her and will post recipes for everything soon. 
Isn't she adorable!? Mmmm tamale pie.....0

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