Saturday, January 19, 2013

I miss blogging. Here's my December Boston trip.

Hi all,
I am not sure how I went from blogging twice a day to once a month. I guess my new years resolution (Besides to raise my body pump weight) is to start being a regular poster again - it's so therapeutic for me!

Lots has been going on and I have a few posts written already that I will share in the next few weeks, when the time is right.

Charlie and I went to Boston in December - it was his last weekend of grad school before his deployment. As it happens, my sister and Jason were visiting Boston that weekend for Mass General residency interview, and even better, my great uncle and aunt (who are like a set of grandparents to me) were visiting!!! I LOVE seeing my Boston family and wish I could do it more often.

Me and my uncle Dolfi:
Boston dec 2012

(Dolfi's legal name is the Hebrew version of Benjamin, but his family still calls him Dolfi)

My sister and Jason talking with Yoav and Alina (cousins) and great aunt Ruthie
Boston dec 2012

Yoav and Alina moved back to Chicago about a week after we were there, so wonderful that we were able to see them once more before they moved!

It was toward the end of Chanukah, and here is Jeff (my cousin) lighting candles:
Boston dec 2012

Playing with the panorama function on the iPhone:
Boston dec 2012
(to the left is my great uncle Dolfi, and next is my great Uncle Schari - you can so tell they are brothers!)

Really playing w/the panoramic view on the camera - nobody knew when to look
Boston dec 2012

Love my Great Uncle Dolfi, you are like a Saba (grandpa) to me:
Boston dec 2012

I LOVE this picture below because it looks like the lighter for the candles is Jason's mustache.
Boston dec 2012

The next day we went to my favorite east coast restaurant, legal seafoods:
Boston dec 2012

We had lobster dip and clam chowder and scallops and shrimp and crab cakes. What a lovely kosher meal for the last day of chankuah!!

Me and Jeff in front of the Chanukiah in downtown Boston. For those who don't know, most Americans call this a "Menorah". This is technically a menorah, like a square is a rectangle. A menorah is a candelabra, or in modern Hebrew, a lamp. A Chanukiah has 8 candles and one "leader" candle to light the others, and is specific to Chanukah.

Me and my sister were cold walking around, even though it was relatively warm for this time of year in Boston:
Boston dec 2012

After Boston Charlie and I drove down to Baltimore where he was deploying from (or so he thought). We stopped in Philly for the night to see bff Eden, as well as Charlie's friend Rob and his new girlfriend, and My cousin Bridget (jeff's older sister) and her fiancé. It was very short but nice.

The next day we drove to Baltimore only to realize that Charlie was leaving from Norfolk, whoops! We went to a movie on our last night together (perfect date for us). The next morning, Charlie dropped me off at the airport and I hung out at the USO all day, so he could drive down to his departure. I was going to Alabama and Kentucky, which I'll save for another post.

Great to catch up a bit! Yayyyyy.

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