Monday, February 02, 2009

Erica Strother is Determined to Have a Fabulous Week

Gotta love fb statuses...stati? Not sure what the plural is lol!

So, I am upset, yes, BUT I know I'll get past this quickly and I am going to take these few extra hours in a week and see if I can take any classes. Maybe now I can go to the GYM every day! Again, I just keep going back to the fact that I feel like my baby was taken away from me (my baby being the program I created). Everything is usually a blessing in disguise, as hard as it is to see. For example, Fiona Davis. Fiona is the lady from temple who has been battling cancer, and who has two children, the younger of which has autism. She is going through so much right now, but ya know what? If she wasn't going through it, I probably wouldn't be in their lives, and I know they're pleased that I am, so there's their happy ending. Mine is this - I am going to work out every day now. I am going to be more social. I am going to take classes towards my masters. I will also learn to speak up EARLIER in a program, and not just let 7 months go by being frustrated.

Back to Erica's fb status:
Erica Strother (and Avigail Eisenberg) is... "determined to have a fabulous week"!!! Oh yeah :-)
I'll keep updates on how fabulous it is.
Let's start with the fact that I woke up at 6 and Sara and I walked the lake. That's pretty fabulous.
Going to go run some errands for real now, expect more on my fabulous week later!

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