Saturday, February 07, 2009

Food adjectives

Have you ever noticed that fancy adjectives make foods sound so much more gourmet?
When I cooked dinner for all of my sister's friends last fall, she started telling them the menu and one of them interjected and said "sorry, we need more adjectives." Green beans turned into "sauteed almonds and green beans with lemon and paprika." Chicken turned into "roasted chicken stuffed with fresh herbs, garlic, and lemons." Last night I went out to Mexican with SRR and one of my new neighbors Zak, and we passed a restaurant on Hillsborough which looked fabulous! On the menu, I just had to laugh because one of the items was served over "melted leeks." What does that even mean? Melted? I've heard of sweating, sauteing, etc. Do restaurants just make stuff up to sound fancy? Why does "fresh summer corn" sound so much cooler than "corn"? Think about it. Sauteed, baby, fresh, served with blank, with a blank reduction. It's all basic cooking techniques that just sound so much more fancy than they really are!

I went out last night for times two in a week (well year haha). It was fun but I was just too exhausted and took a taxi home by myself. Today I went to a training for Let's Talk, which was awesome. I am looking at what classes to take for my prerequisites for my masters, which I am hoping to start this fall! I am super excited.
I don't feel like going out tonight so I may just go bowling or something super lame w/my new neighbors. SRR and HG are babysitting, Erica and Lauren are working, and LK is at home, boo. Friends don't leave me!

I am off to eat some adjective filled dinner and then bowling!

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