Tuesday, February 17, 2009

school projects, currently reading, and mom's in town!

We just celebrated Tu B'shvat at school. Tu B'svhat is the birthday of the trees - an Israeli arbor day. Israel has always been more environmentally conscious. You plant trees, sing songs, etc. I had my kindergarten class make "flowerpots" out of egg crates and popsicle sticks - totally stole the idea from a fine motor skill in one of my programs. They had to pick out 6 colors and cut out flowers out of construction paper, write the name of the color in Hebrew, glue it to the popsicle stick, and then "plant" it in the egg crage half! I'll post pictures when I upload them from my camera.

Mom came into town last Friday morning (ugh it's already Tuesday...time w/her flies!). She will be here until Saturday afternoon. We've been really productive but also just had fun and cooked (of course) and hung out w/Adva. Yesterday we went to Duke for several hours, and Mom watched Adva's Flamenco class while I read at the coffee shop. Adva is a second semester senior, so her course load is much lighter, and one of her courses is flamenco. The instructor has her own dance company, and takes the dancing portion really seriously! Adva is one of the only non-dancers, but she's taking it on! Very courageous (not to say I wouldn't do it, as we all know I would, but still, she's putting herself out there which is great!).

I started reading Twilight last night for book club (and fun). I'm trying to figure out how to "budget" my time since I have to take the gre's and these courses for the grad program. I'm hoping that I just whip through Twilight as everyone says you do. It's good so far!

I'm waiting to hear back from the Friday Center which is a part of UNC, and offers self paced correspondence courses. I registered on Friday, and I have to wait for approval (which I don't really get because since the courses are self paced and correspondence, how can they fill up?). I sent in a letter of appeal to try to take all my courses at once instead of having to wait 12 weeks to finish two and then start two more. They are self-paced, but have a minimum time requirement of 12 weeks. Counterintuitive? I think so. I mean I guess they have their reasons, but I need to take these before the application is due! Erin Barrow, the WONDERFUL advisor for the program, told me that as long as I'm registered for the last two before the deadline, and they are completed before Aug 2nd, that I can apply with pending status, but I just want it to be done! Wish me luck please.

Okay off to do drop Odge off to get his ears cleaned and get himself groomed, then therapy w/one of my kiddos, picking him up, school, and then spa appointment w/Mom! (Wow I'm spoiled). By the way, Odge woke us up at 4 AM Sat morning (fri night?), with a double ear infection that I really thought was bleeding, but was actually black pus stuff - so gross. Poor thing was crying all night and panting out of pain. He's better now, but I felt so bad for my poor baby.

Last thing - I went to a sports bar (Hi5) for the Duke-Unc game last Wed (we lost), and it was so much fun! I really am trying to go out more but I have no interest in going at midnight every weekend and coming home at 3 am. I wish there were more "chill" options at bars or trivia nights for a more mature atmosphere. I'm sure there is just need to convince my friends to do it! (friends - let's do it!).

Okay off to get going on the day.

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