Sunday, July 24, 2011

Already fallen off the blogging wagon! Part 1: Boston

Whoops. I just haven't had time to update this! The whole reason I started this was because it's fun to keep track of what fun things have happened, even if they are ordinary like "we went to Nick and Jess's and hung out at the pool with a few other military couples" (which was actually a really fun time!)

Okay, I'm going to really try to catch up - may take a few posts!

-End of June:

Charlie and I went to Boston for school. We stayed with Aunt Jackie (technically my dad's cousin but like an aunt to me). She lives a few minutes from Hebrew College, and an hour away form Charlie's school in Worcester. Yoav (another cousin of my dad but only a few years older than I am, so basically a cousin to me), picked us up from the airport and we had a nice dinner in an Italian area of Boston. So yummy having homemade pasta! The next day we saw Alina which was so nice, especially since we can't make their wedding. Alina is Yoav's fiancee. The last time I saw her was when they visited me in Baltimore. We walked around a bit, but it was pouring rain and so we took a taxi to the Jewish area and got some goodies from the Israeli grocery store - chocolates, bisli, and best of all, milki!! Milki is a chocolate pudding that is topped with whipped cream. Grew up on it.

I was so lucky to see Lisa Dadian the next day, one of my best friends from college. She has been getting her masters and BCBA (behavior certification, she does ABA for kids w/autism like I used to). Her school is in Cape Cod and she is working a bit west of Boston this summer. It was remarkable to catch up with her. She is very much like Moran (my best friend since were babies who lives in Israel), where we do not stay in constant touch, but when we see each other it's as if no time has passed. We met Lisa's boyfriend of the past two years at dinner at Legal Seafoods (one of my favorite restaurants), and Caroline (my first little from DG), and Luke (her long term college boyfriend, now living together in NH), drove down to join us! Lisa stayed the night with us in Jackie's basement (on the couch, sorry Charlie!).  Charlie left really early the next morning to go to his residency weekend in Worcester, and then Lisa drove me there later in the day since it was on her way to where she is working this summer. We had the best time in the hour trip over.

When I got to Worcester I checked in at the hotel and did some work, and then I walked around. Apparently, the Worcester museum is one of the best in the US, so I walked over there and looked around. I am not an art guru, but enjoy feeling cultured, and I do like reinassance style pieces (I disocvered this my first year in college on a trip to Florence with my mom).

A very large floor mosaic

Another mosaic picture - look sisters, she must have been the first Delta Gamma!!!

I thought the above was cool because it is the view of the second floor - when you're on the first floor, you don't even notice that orange thing, just the mosaics!

After the art museum I met Charlie's class at a restaurant/pub, which was nice to put faces to names. The next day we drove back to Boston and had dinner that night with the whole family. We went to my Great Uncle's house, Shari, and his oldest daughter Adina (Shari's three kids are Adina, Jackie, Andre). Shari is my grandma's middle brother. My grandmother (90 years old this December!) is the oldest, then Shari and Berta were twins, and Dolfi, or Benyamin as non-family calls him, is the youngest - he is my cousin Yoav's father. Yoav and Alina were at dinner, as well as Aunt Jackie and Mercio, and Uncle Andre and Judit, and their kids Brit and Sam. Sam shot up like a whole foot since the last time I saw him. He and Brit are doing well and it was great to see them! Sam will be in high school and Brit is a senior next year. We celebrated Alina's birthday and sang happy birthday in many languages (between us we spoke 5 fluent languages - English, Hebrew, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese). 

Enjoy the pics and get excited for part 2: NYC.!

Brit bringing Alina her birthday cake

Blowing out her candles! Happy Birthday, יום הולדת שמח, fericit ziua de nastere,  С Днем Рождения

From left to right: Adina, Brit, Sam, Uncle Andre, Shari, Yoav (sitting), Aunt Jackie, Alina (sitting), Chralie, me, Judit

Take two of the fam

I think everyone is looking!

Me and Great Uncle Shari

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