Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catching up part 3: beginning of July until my birthday

Okay, catching up all in one day is tough! Gotta be better at this. Where to being. So, July.....

It was the 2 year anniversary of Charlie's squadron. They allowed everyone to invite their families and significant others for a great family day. I was excited because I (obviously) know so little of the nature of what Charlie does 8 hours a day. I had never even been up to Creech. Geez am I lucky it's only 8 hours a day and I have him home each night though! There was a great presentation about the predator (the unmanned vehicle they fly through a ground control center). They talked about the fact that his squadron is the only one in the US Airforce that is in Libya right now. They managed to declassify some information and show us some amazing videos, which just made me want to wrap my arms around Charlie and kiss him and tell him he's my absolute hero. After the presenation we toured the hanger, and then we even got to see a ground control station!

Mom and Dad infront of the predator

Dad wanted a picture with his BFF Charlie

So proud of my love!

Obviously we wanted a family picture

Dad got to sit in the pilot's seat with the manual, etc

I wanted to participate so I sat in the next seat, which I thought was the copilot, but then was reminded that there is no copilot but a sensor operator.  So as you can see below, I decided to pilot the drone by myself! I look like such a happy little girl!

After the demonstrations and tours there was a barbeque and we met and interacted with many of the families. We all wore name tags, and I was being silly on the way home and decided to put my name tag on Charlie. Then I realized I should edit what it says. 

"Avigail Eisenberg's"
He didn't mind, he likes being mine!

When we got home, we decided to swim, cuz it's just too d*** hot to do anything else! We did a few laps and then we I decided that Odge should have a swimming lesson. I have been worried for a while that he will become old like Oreo was, blind and deaf, and fall in the pool and not know how to swim. Odge was PISSSSSSSSSSSSSED!

It was 4th of July weekend so I decided to be patriotic and get a french tip manicure with red white and blue. Kinda tacky, but whatever, I liked it!

That night we had an impromptu bbq with a lot of our friends and had such a great time. Olga and Jason Lasry came with their kids, Adam, below, and their baby Julia, who never stops smiling. Adam is one of my absolute favorite kids.

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  1. Looks like you have had a great July so far! Loved the nails, girl who cares what anyone else thinks-they were the shitz-nitz and I am so gonna do that. LOL. Loved your Couples Questionare <3