Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fallen off the blogging wagon, part 2: NYC

Charlie and I decided to go to NYC on our way home.
We took the train and had a fun time, since we never get to do that on the West Coast. I used to take Amtrak between DC and Baltimore basically every weekend, but when something is not the norm it seems special. We were also really excited because there was velcro on the top of the back of the seats, and that was one of Charlie's ideas for his school project about business travel, that you can velcro your phone and other items to the back of the seats so that there is more room on your tray for your laptop. Of course I was being silly taking train pictures.  We got one cute one!

When we go to NY, we realized it was the gay pride parade! It was pretty cool because the vote passed a night before to allow gay marriage in the state of NY. We checked into the hotel but our room wasn't ready, so we walked around and saw the parade. It was kind of funny because we were just walking in the direction of the crowd, but apparently we tried to enter through the entrance for the participants of the parade (it's all block streets so we couldn't really tell). Anyway, Charlie was joking that we should get upset because of "straight discrimination" since we weren't allowed in that entrance. We found our way and here are some pictures.

I got up on a rail to see better - oh, did I mention I was too lazy to put my contacts in?

Something w/balloons, it looked really pretty seeing the whole thing, but my phone didn't capture such a good picture

So many people watching on the street!

This is the largest Gay, Lesbian, etc Synagogue, I took this for you guys, Ryan and Adam!

Best part - on our walk back to the hotel, we literally saw glitter in the street! Ha!!

At our hotel, Charlie asked for a lunch recommendation from the concierge, and he suggested a place called Ben's. I looked it up on Yelp and saw that it was a kosher place - so funny because the guy had no idea I was Jewish, (although I am far from kosher).  We walked over (so fun to walk everywhere!). The place was huge, and I was already excited at the knishe's on the display right when you walk in. It was interesting because we instantly noticed the ethnicity of all the waiters and patrons - total hodge podge! When we sat down I realized a quote written on the top of the wall behind us that said "A couple was dining out one night at the neighborhood kosher deli when they were amazed to have a Chinese waiter approach to take their order." I wish I had taken a picture of the quote! Charlie enjoyed a turkey sandwich with gravy, and a potato pancake on the side (I taught him it was called a latke), and he tasted my kreplach and knish and all the other stuff (I ordered a combo plate). I was super excited about the pickles, mmmmmmm. Kinda funny though because I am so involved in the Jewish community and consider myself Jewish in every sense of the word, but hardly ever eat those types of foods.

My love with his giant Ben's meal

That afternoon Eden came and met us at the hotel. Charlie had some schoolwork to do, and Ede and I walked around and caught up. So amazing to see her! We had some coffee and went into some department stores. We went to the *I think* 8 story Macys, and once you get to around the 5th floor, they still have the original escalator from their opening! It was cool seeing it with the wooden slats. We then went and sat in Bryant Park. There was a new outdoor looking bar/restaurant sponsored by SWA for the summer, where you can bring your own food or picnic, or get food from them. They wait on you regardless of if you buy food from them or bring your own. Here is a pic of us below:     
We walked back to the hotel and Charlie had just finished his meeting. We all hung out a bit which was so nice, and then had a yummy sushi dinner with Ede. The next day I really wanted to have dim-sum for lunch so we found a place in Chinatown and ordered a combo plate. It was also a tea parlor, and although we didn't order tea, I took a picture because it looked so pretty. Charlie had a really good ginger ale that has real ginger in it, very fresh tasting, spicy even! The company is Bruce Cost and I want to order some for the bar in the new house!

tea selection at Nom Wah tea parlour/dim sum
dim sum combination plate - heavenly!

We took a taxi back from Chinatown toward Central Park and walked around. It was nice to be out of the smell! I do NOT remember NYC smelling so badly. I really think the city smelled better for a period of time and is at a worse smelling part now. Thoughts? After walking around the park we went and got ready for dinner with my Aunt Janice (again, really a second cousin from my mother's side), and her daughter Allison and Ali's boyfriend. We ate at a cute place called the cafeteria, where I had a mac and cheese combo (3 different ramekins, but small enough to not feel like a heffer). Anybody who knows me knows that mac and cheese is my absolute favorite food. We walked from that area to the east village, passing through NYU area and Washington Square Park. We met Charlie's friend Pete who was stationed with him before he came to Creech. He is still flying C-17's and is stationed in New Jersey between Philly and NYC. He and two of his friends came, and so did Eden and another pledge sister Jill Mogensen, (Jilly-Mo) which was so much fun. Jilly-Mo told me about this shot that I don't remember the name of, and it sounds disgusting but I'd really recommend it! Basically you take a shot of whiskey, and then chase it with a shot of pickle juice. You gotta try it!

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