Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Atlanta part 3

Currently craving: lunch!

My sister wanted to plan a fun girls evening for her, my mom, and me, so she took us to an event called "Martinis and IMAX" at the museum of natural history in Atlanta. The museum is gorgeous and driving up it really looks like a perfect wedding venue. My sister mentioned that they held the "med school prom" there one year.

We picked a movie about polar bears in the arctic and picked martinis to go with the movie. Afterward, we went downstairs where there was a DJ and swing dancing. It really was Gatsby-esque, and I was sad Charlie wasn't there to dance with me.

And from outside:
(No cute ones of them, just dinosaur ones of them).

The next day Charlie was supposed to pick me up but had too much work to do, so I called his cousin Jason to hang out. I wanted to give my mom and sister some alone time, since I live a mile away from my mom and my sister lives across the country!

Jason and I went to get some drinks and even had pickle backs with some friends he ran into. Pickle backs are whiskey with pickle juice. Sounds gross but they are delicious!

(these were pretty big shots!)

The next day we met Charlie halfway and had dinner all together. I somehow didn't get a picture, shock!

Once I got back to base, it was only a few days before we went to Lake Martin, posts coming soon, but first I must backtrack even more!

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