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Let's back up two weeks: Atlanta part 1

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I've fallen off the wagon. I think blogging is like working out - when I'm into it I am so good but when I fall out of it, I struggle to get back into it. Yes I have had spotty internet access, but I have a confession: I fell off the wagon.

The week leading up to the 22nd of June I spent with Charlie's dad and step-mom Pat. I came back on Friday and we were supposed to go to Atlanta but decided to leave the next morning. We went to see The Avengers on base that night (for those not familiar with military bases, it's my understanding that most have a movie theater). The movie was good but I hadn't seen or really known the backstories of any of the characters. A few days later I watched Ironman 1 and 2 and LOVED it. New favorite superhero. Maybe. I do love the x-men.

I will blog soon about the week at Charlie's parents and even about meeting a house broken goat! That's right. I'll also include a recipe of some citrus jam cookies I made up. But for now, let's look at our weekend in Altanta.

We drove out on Saturday morning with a bunch of guys and a few wives from Charlie's flight. We went to lunch at a chicken n waffles place called Gladys and Ron's chicken and waffles, and Charlie's cousin Jason met us there. I have never had chicken and waffles and really have no interest in trying it.

I know, sue me.

Lunch was very good besides my meal arriving AFTER everyone else had finished. But then I had the most delicious peach cobbler - if you go to this restaurant you must try it.

After lunch we went downtown to go to the aquarium and coke factory. Charlie and I were meeting my mom and sister that evening, and we wanted to go and see Uncle Will (Charlie's Uncle from his mother's side), and his family, so we chose one and if you know me at all of course we chose the Coke Factory.





There was a chance to get a picture with the polar bear.
The polar bear commercials are my favorite, especially the one with the penguin party!! I can now officially say that the coca cola polar bear has flirted with me, tee hee!

We tasted the different coke products from around the world and Charlie made sure I didn't buy anything. Afterward we went over to Lawrenceville to visit with the Perrys. We got there a bit before they came back from a vacation so Charlie went and got a haircut while I had a starbucks. I noticed that starbucks had a new coconut lime frozen drink, but unfortunately it was after I already had mine. I haven't seen it again to get it, since it's only at "limited locations".

We had a great visit with Uncle Will and Aunt Jackie, as well as their kids Jackson and Emily (Happy 16th birthday, Em!). Charlie may or may not have backed into Uncle Will's mailbox. We are driving a jeep while we are here and it's really nice but the blindspots on it are awful (or maybe Charlie forgot to look back). Crossed that off our list for future cars. Charlie now knows the price of every single mailbox. While we were driving in a different neighborhood the other day he said "oh wow these mailboxes are expensive".

After the visit we met up with my mom, sister, and Jason (my sister's boyfriend) at the Yard House at Atlantic Station. Charlie's cousin, Jason is the manager so we got to see him too. Due to the two Jason scenario, and not wanting to call my sister's boyfriend "Adva's Jason" or "Chinese Jason" (his family moved to the US from China when he was 5), we have officially dubbed "Adva's Jason" Jay-Z, since his last name begins with Z.

Charlie and Jason

"Jay-z", Charlie, and Jason, and a great "dessert trio" in the middle of the table.

Mom and daughters

Sisters and the men in our lives.

We stayed at my sister's that night and had a great time hanging out and laughing. My sister and Jason....Jay-z, excuse me, are adorable.

Oh, and here is Charlie looking up mailboxes online while Jason is coming up with his new business idea, to be posted about in part 2.

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