Saturday, November 16, 2013

24 week bumpdate

My first late post! I have done these on Fridays always and I officially feel like a mama now that I am behind on something! Lol. In my defense, I did have a yucky cold earlier in the week and had to sub with barely any time for going to the bathroom 8 times an hour (oof, bladder).

Yesterday, before subbing:

How far along: 24 weeks, 3 days (officially hit V-day aka viability day, if Gd forbid I were to go into labor now, the hospitals would take every effort to save baby)

How big is baby: big enough to look pregnant! I think about a pound and a half. 

Weight gained: let's go with 10 pounds, even though sometimes it's 9. I have a feeling I'm about to hit a growth spurt so if I say 10 pounds this week, 20 pounds next week won't sound as bad.

Maternity clothes: Need the jeans! I went to Old Navy to get two pairs of low panel jeans (pictured above) because as of now, they fit better than the high panel. I am sure in a month that will change.

Stretch marks: My linea negra has significantly darkened. That's the line from my belly button down. 

Miss anything?: Sleeping through the night. And people not saying snarky comments like "oh get used to it". I will gladly get used to it, thank you much, I can't wait to be completely and utterly exhausted and delirious while loving on my little man!

Movement: Yup, I feel him when I lay down and sometimes when I sit. When I go for walks I get braxton hicks contractions. They don't hurt, but just feel awkward to walk through. Also, he has been moving around and switching positions, and sometimes I can see exactly where he is! It's crazy. The other day I woke up and my belly was lopsided to the right:

That night I was with my mom and he did it again! Since I was with her I could have her take the pic from the other side. Eden pointed out my giant body and tiny head. Laugh away. (and please ignore that gorgeous line negra making its debut).

Cravings: Candy (skittles, sour patch kids), kit kat bars, fruit and water, and let's just throw thai food in there because, um yummmm. Jaren was over the other day and I gave her some Osem pickles to eat (the best pickles EVER) and we ate the entire can. I do admit, that was more her than me, but still. Those pickles are heavenly. I found a dozen on amazon for $20 including shipping. Pregnant friends, get ready to taste the best pickle you've ever had. It's so flavorful and has no artificial colors.

Aversions:  When I get heartburn I can't think of anything to eat, blahhhhh.

Other symptoms: Heartburn has been bad ish this week. Really not like, bad bad. But I've definitely had to have tums every day. Still getting braxton hicks every once in a while. Also had a cold earlier this week, and I hate being sick. I'm such a baby. Being pregnant and sick SUCKED. 

Best moment this week: Had an echo on Monday and baby's heart is looking perfect!! I also subbed at the school my mom teaches at and it was so nice being there. I really love that school. I barely got to see her but we drove together and it was a fun bring your daughter to work day for us :-) I got to see some of the students I had in 5th grade that are now in 9th grade, etc. It was really nice! Lastly, I got to spend the day with my friend Dana and her 5 week old precious baby girl Leah:

Most looking forward to: Charlie should be home in 4 ish weeks!!! Also, we are moving some of the baby stuff to the Ridges, which is where we will be living starting next month! It's one property technically, split into two homes, each complete with a master bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc. We are so excited to be so close to my parents and to be able to continue renting our house out like we have been!
That's actually the back of the house. From this angle, we will be on the right and my parents will be on the left. Those windows actually face a view of the strip. In January we will have a big housewarming/baby shower party for our friends and my parents friends as well. That means we'll have about a month to settle in before then.....Eeeeeek!

I promise there are lots of good recipes and updates coming soon!

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