Friday, November 29, 2013

26 week bumpdate

How far along: 26 weeks 2 days

How big is baby: on Monday at my 3d ultrasound he was 1 pound 12 ounces. Getting close to 2 whole pounds!
Weight gained: 11 pounds. My belly is definitely different sizes at different points in the day. Not necessarily bigger at night, but just varies. It goes in and out.

Maternity clothes: Still getting away with non maternity shirts, but enjoying my new wardrobe :-)
Stretch marks: My linea negra has darkened a bit but is still from belly button down
Miss anything?: Nope, not this week!
Movement: Yup, about the same. Still waking up with him completely on the right side at time, and I love it. It feels so weird and it's my favorite because I'm so aware of him!

Cravings: Fruit. Last night I came home from the Smith Center (we saw Evita) and I seriously could have just sat there and eaten an entire can of mandarin oranges. 
Aversions:  Nothing in particular, but I am not loving the smell of all the deep fried goodness for Chanukah - the smell that lingers in the house. There's also a brisket in the oven right now and I know I will hate the smell in the morning. Last Chanukah is when I found out I was pregnant (when I miscarried) and I remember after I took the test I was like, "Ooooh, that's why I smell the oil from several rooms away several days later".
Other symptoms: Heartburn still. Yesterday (Thanksgiving) my stomach just felt weird. Just like, lots of pressure and uncomfortable, but it passed today. We went for a walk and I had to slow down. Lee felt bad for me and decided to give up as well:

Best moment this week: A few really good ones! First of all, I got to see this face at my 3d ultrasound on Monday!
My mom got teary eyed and said he looks just like me. Charlie's sister and mom said he looks just like Charlie - what do you think? Haha!

Also, we had an AMAZING Thanksgiving yesterday. My dad was working so we went to the country club with the Rabes and had the nicest time and such good food. I'll post about it (do you guys still believe me when I say I'll post about things? At least I'm sticking to these weekly updates!)

Most looking forward to: We got an official date Charlie should be leaving Afghanistan. Nothing is set in stone and sometimes they get delayed for a while. But still, it SHOULD BE less than a month away!

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  1. He is SO CUTE!!!!