Friday, November 22, 2013

25 week bumpdate

Oh my gosh, I actually forgot how many weeks I was yesterday. I could NOT figure out if I was 25 or 26. I seriously am losing it.
But, I'm 25 - 15 weeks til D-day!

How far along: 25 weeks 2 days *I think! Lol*

How big is baby: according to babycenter, 13.5" and 1.5 pounds

Weight gained: 10 pounds, give or take a pound or two (give more than take this week!)

Maternity clothes: I just bought two low rise maternity jeans yesterday. For some reason I just hate the panels, even the low ones. Well these have side/sretch panels and go under my bump and are so much more comfy in my opinion. Everyone has a different body so I am glad I found what works for me. Also, thanks to the lady at motherhood maternity for asking how far along I was, and when I said 25 weeks, she said, "Since it's your first..." (um, who told you it was my first? I sure didnt), " won't show until you're 4 or 5 months and then you'll get huge." First of all, I'm 6 months, and second...thanks? I'll be sure to buy bigger pants from you when that happens. Good thing I am not overly sensitive but I thought it was a weird approach for a sales lady.

Yup that's my bloated belly. #notembarassed. (Omg, I just hash tagged my blog. #sorryimnotsorry).

Stretch marks: No, and I hope it stays this way.

Miss anything?: The warmer weather. In the last two days it has been rainy and dreary and cold, yuck!

Movement: Yup! Jaren has officially felt it too :-) Clara wanted to feel it but I knew a 3.5 year old wouldn't know to be patient, so I whispered to Jaren "should I just make it move" and she nodded so I just sort of lifted my stomach. Clara was SO EXCITED! Speaking of an excited Clara, she is obsessed with this Disney princess make up box that I have that I got in college. Um yeah, college. Have you ever seen such pure joy?

Cravings: Fruit, candy, and peanut butter. Especially fruit and peanut butter. And then when I finish the apple or banana, I may or may not be eating pb out of the jar.... I am just super hungry and it's so filling! Also yesterday I had a sip of Stacy's Toffee Nut latte from Coffee Bean so I got one today. It was decaf, although I do let myself have caffeine - I try to save it for my true love, diet coke. If you're near a coffee bean, go get one of these, so yummy!

Aversions:  None this week! I had a burger for lunch and fish the other day :-)

Other symptoms: Gas pain! Holy sh** (literally). A couple of days ago Jaren came over and wanted to feel the baby. I laid down because that's kind of a guaranteed way to get him to move about, and she put her hand on my lower belly. She barely put pressure down, and I yelled out in pain. She was like "What? I barely touched you?!" (sorry for scaring you Jaren). Then she was trying on dresses and pointed out that I was just not being myself, and I realized how much pain I was actually in! It's crazy because I knew it was just benign silly stuff, but wow, I literally couldn't even stand up straight. I've also still had heartburn every day but it's really not that bad, totally manageable, thank god!

Best moment this week: I got to spend sufficient time with Jaren and the girls, which is always such a treat, and I got to see a dear friend Leslie today that I don't get to see often enough because life gets in the way. It was SO SO NICE to finally catch up with her.

Most looking forward to: I'm really sad that my favorite 3d ultrasound place is closing, so I scheduled an appointment for next week so I can see the tech, Whitnie, before they close. So sad, but excited to see little man and experience it with Whitnie before they close. I'm also excited to plan the baby shower and plan the move. I had a mini panic attack because both houses (ours and my parents) have a European kitchen and there isn't enough cabinet space right now for everything I have, but we will build a pantry right next to it to take care of it. Problem solved, blood pressure lowered. Now I'm excited again. And look, baby boy has his first item moved into the house, courtesy of my mommy, his Savta:
She got him baby hangers for his adorable clothes! Based on my addiction to baby boy clothes, I suspect I will need more of those....

And just because these are fun, here are some belly pics from this week:
Untitled (that was holding my stomach tight)

Sucking out! Lol

I'll try to post some updates from my Philly trip nearly a month ago and some recipes soon. Shabbat Shalom, y'all!

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