Friday, November 01, 2013

22 week bumpdate

How far along: 22 weeks 2 days

How big is baby: I have stopped following the size really. I am guessing maybe a pound? And a foot? But really I'm guessing. I have a doctor's app in a week and a half and will find out exact measurements :-) (well as exact as ultrasound lets on)

Weight gained: 7 pounds. I have officially hit the next decade of weight. Is that a thing? It's depressing. But good!

Maternity clothes: Same as last week. I wore a pair of non maternity jeans last weekend and they still fit, but about halfway through the night I used the rubber band trick. Surprisingly, my leggings are more uncomfortable because they're digging in so I've switched to maternity leggings and the kind with the fold over panel. they aren't maternity, but they work great for it!

Stretch marks: nope, phew!

Miss anything?: Last weekend we celebrated Essy's birthday and I would have loved to take some shots with them or had a beer at the dueling piano bar we went to.

Movement: Yes! I can officially say yes! Eden even felt him! It was so fun. It feels like little taps on the outside. I only feel him when I'm laying down at night and in the morning. Can't wait for the taps to become kicks (I know I will regret saying that when I feel like my insides are bruised).

Cravings: Sweets! I have wanted a cupcake or donut or chocolate constantly. 

Aversions:  Pizza and the smell of pizza sauce (thanks for making me smell that jar Eden). Every Tuesday my high school class gets pizza and I couldn't do it this week. I think maybe I don't like oregano? Not sure, but just, blah.

Other symptoms: Heartburn at night, I hope that means he's growing some blond hair so he can look like baby charlie! Also, last night I had a braxton hicks contraction, I THINK. So exciting! My abdomen got really hard and tight below my navel, and I could just tell. When I felt it, it was rock hard and almost protruding. It lasted a few seconds and went away. 

Best moment this week: Knowing people can finally feel him kick! Eden and my mom both got to feel, and my friend that I teach with felt also!!! Also, when I came home from Philly Charlie's anniversary gift had arrived and it is a really nice fetal doppler! We send him a recording of it and my dad has this ancient wooden tool that they used to use, like, centuries ago, and he got it when he was working at a hospital in Israel many years ago. It's only a collectors item, but we decided to see if it works. My dad didn't even know what way to use it, and we got nothing. But it was hysterical.

Non baby related, I absolutely loved spending so much time with Eden. It's been a while since we had so many days together and I already missed her the day I got home. Love you Essy!

Most looking forward to: My belly is coming and going and I guess I just want to look obviously pregnant already. For example, this was my belly last night. After dinner with my mom at Cheesecake Factory. I guess my Halloween costume was a not pregnant woman. 

But really, I am hoping this means I will lose the weight fast. I am excited to be 24 weeks so I can say I'm 6 months pregnant. For some reason that seems like a big milestone. 

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