Sunday, December 07, 2008


So things are well, I have a few new clients, working on a team with Sara Rose on one of them, blah blah, driving home from work on Friday, getting ready to go to Harris Teeter so I can make yummies for game night, and I get in an accident. I was making a right turn and a POSTAL TRUCK came and we hit each other. Yeah, a postal truck. So I don't have a car right now and since it's government property things are going to move S   L   O   W.   How fun for me. My bumper is on the ground. Luckily there were no injuries, and I have AAA. It really isn't that bad - could be so much worse, but still put me in a bad mood all weekend.

Yesterday Sara Rose and I spent the day together (Tim is out of town so we've reverted back to our college days of spending every waking moment together - I missed it!)  We went to the bank and the store and I made the chili I was going to make on Friday. A girl Sara found that is interested in dog walking came over. Sara and I watched hours of tv and did nothing, and it was so nice to be lazy and do nothing, especially since I was still in a lousy mood. By evening I couldn't take it anymore and so I cleaned, paid bills, etc. 

Brittany called Sara and asked if she wanted to go out but she was too tired, but I told her to head over to hang out for a bit, and lo and behold, Brittany convinced me to go out for about the second time this year. I actually really enjoyed it even though by about 1 am I was so exhausted I was falling asleep at the club. And Brittany is the mom! Luckily she didn't want to stay out too late so we left the people we came with and Brittany took me home (one of her strategies to get me to go out was that I had a free DD and to take advantage...).

It's Sunday, I have an appointment at noon, a client at 2, and then Jason and I are going out and he is taking me back to Durham with him so that I can get my sister's car (since she's a student she can walk to class, but I still feel terrible about taking it from her). Hopefully on Monday I can have them remove my bumper so that I can give her her car back and drive w/o a bumper until she leaves town for the holidays (in about a week so not that long) and then I can return my car to the shop.

I'm excited to get started w/my new clients and to figure out what programs work for them and see their progress! I'll keep you updated :-)

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