Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Since Thanksgiving...

Thanksgiving was a huge success! We had wonderful people over and wonderful food - although I was an exhausted stress mess by the time our guests arrived and sat there like a zombie for the first good part of it. The pumpkin cheesecake didn't set like it normally does - which is funny because i used full fat cream cheese and I usually use low-fat! I think I've just made cheesecake so often that I've adjusted the recipe to create its density with low-fat - oh well it still tasted yummy!

Now I'm trying to get back into the swing of not seeing the dogs and parents each day. Odge always gets depressed the first two days I'm back and barely eats but then he snaps out of it.  Erica picked me up from the airport and we went to Red Lobster and both got such healthy choices and NO BREAD I was so proud of us! We're trying to motivate each other to be super healthy through the holidays. 

On Sunday I met with new clients, then went to a make up session with one, had some other stuff to do, and then met Erica at her parents' house. They were really interesting, warm, and intelligent, and it was so nice to FINALLY meet them! After that we went tanning (what can I say I'm still a Vegas girl at heart) and to see Inman Park.  (Erica is my future roommy and Inman Park is where we want to move). We LOVED IT. It's an apartment community right across from crabtree, which is close to everything and so much closer to all of my jobs. Best of all, the community is interspersed (can we say a mixed class? lol) with townhouses and really nice custom homes.

Monday was super busy - I started w/my new client and am SO excited. The family is simply fabulous - down to earth parents who care so much about their kid. Sometimes I worry about being unprofessional because I get really close to some of my families but then I remember that for what I do, there is an emotional attachment and that it's okay.

Most exciting is that one of the Mom's had her baby! SO TINY! I can't wait to see what she turns out to look like because newborns kind of all look the same.

Sara and I are back to organizing schedules and doing work together and I love when we get into that groove because we really motivate each other. It's so interesting because we can either be the most positive force for each other (as just explained), or order greasy fried dumplings and eat every single last one of them...

Oh and most important:

Currently Reading: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison (still)
Moby Dick
Just finished: Peace Like a River

Magazines: cooking light (obvi), and fitness

I wish books on tape were free on itunes. Maybe the library can create a program...

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