Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my resolutions

1. Drink more water when I'm home to waste less plastic
2. Walk Odge more
3. When speaking to people, not to overtalk - they don't need to know every detail. But meanwhile maintain my personality.
4. Use my ear piece when driving. and don't text unless at red lights.
5. Floss. And while we're on the subject of teeth, brush Odge's teeth at least once a week.
6. File my paperwork quicker - don't let it sit on my desk for a while and then do it.
7. Eat less sodium and less white starches.
8. Continue to read for pleasure. At least 1.5 books a month, but can be less if I'm reading a therapy manual.
9. Continue to be responsible about my sleep schedule.
10. Go out more!! I'm young!
11. Use the principles I use in therapy on myself to train myself to run  3 miles without stopping. 
12. Take my vitamins and fish oil every day. Maintain my iron levels high enough so that I can donate blood 6 times this year (every two months), unless rejected for non-iron related reasons (fever, low blood pressure, etc). On the blood topic, encourage at least 2 people to donate this year, and hopefully encourage them to become regular donors.
13. Pack in a more organized fashion and not put it off to the last minute when I go on trips.
14. Learn more sign language.
15. Complete Sara and Lauren's manual from this summer. This is an inside joke but the Resolution is not a joke.

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