Friday, December 19, 2008

bad weather = i'm not home yet

The last few days, it has warmed up significantly in Raleigh, and it has snowed several inches in Vegas. How odd is that? I was finishing with a client today and decided to check my flight status to see if I had time to run to school to pick up my paycheck, and my flight was an hour delayed. On the way to school my mom calls me and tells me all flights out of JFK are cancelled. So I'm here for the night, which didn't turn out to be so bad because I got to hang out w/Cristina who is in town for the holiday from college. We hung out and went to dinner together :-) 

The last week and a half nothing major has happened, mostly 
because I've had a case of Bronchitis who brought along his friend high fever, so I've been a little out of commission. I've been taking a break from my novels and reading some ABA manuals just to keep up with my game. Is it sad that I want textbooks for the holidays this year? At least I love my job!

Yesterday nobody would allow me to come in to work because I wasn't on antibiotics for 24 hours yet, and I got so bored by afternoon that I went and hung out a bit with Brittany and her son Seth, who is adorable. I had fun being goofy and reading him a book - I think Brittany thinks I'm crazy, but I can't help it - I'm used to being a fool with kids. The dumber I look when I'm working, the better I'm doing, right? Well now I'm doing it with neurotypical kids, and guess what? he loved it!  We went to Starbucks (I know, make your own coffee and save lots of money, but I don't go that often!), and I got a ginger something latte, it was yummy and they actually put sugar cubes with crystallized ginger on top! Muy impressivo (how do ya'll like my spanglish?)

I'm really disappointed because I bought a pomegranate today and it was bad. Totally rotten. Food Lion is no good.

I hope my flight goes through tomorrow - keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. RAVIT!!! I just saw your comment and literally screamed out loud! I was so excited. I sent you Christmas cards for years and never heard from you or your family. I have thought about you so many times so it was so good to hear how amazing you are doing. I went to your blog. You are gorgeous as ever and seem to be living such a full life. I want to hear more about our career and your life! My email is: Give your mom a hug from me and then ask her to give you a great big hug from me! It was the best Christmas gift yet hearing from you! Lots of Love -- Amy