Monday, December 22, 2008

my dogs are my posse

Me with Lee and Maya shoving her way into the pic
Odge and Lee - they don't look like twins with Lee's haircut.

So I was stuck at the Jetblue terminal at JFK for about 6 hours. Pretty sweet place to be stuck though - they have a salon and little rows where you sit and order your food on a computer (anywhere in the terminal) and they bring it to you. Plus, there were literally about 15 dogs in the terminal - none in their travel bags, so Odge made quite a few friends. It costs $100 per flight (so $200 round trip) to fly a pet, and you get 2 true blue points (frequent flier miles) each time you book. Good thing I learned early on that I can sneak Odge on w/o paying and nobody ever checks, ever, for a pet ticket. I've saved quite a few hundred dollars. Odge is upset about not getting his rightly deserved mileage though.

I made it very clear to my mom that I would only come home on the condition that I would have no responsibilities and get to be lazy, and she's done a wonderful job letting me do that! I've barely even cooked!

Okay - going to walk doggies. Here are some cute pics.

Oh - I almost forgot, Maya broke down the gate last night and came and slept with me. I woke up in the middle of the night and somehow she had gotten into my bed. So cute!

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