Sunday, December 28, 2008

currently RE-reading

Currently re-reading The Great Gatsby for book club. I forgot how much I like this book. It's so fun reading it without having to memorize every single word that I didn't know the meaning - my 10th grade English teacher, who has very sadly passed away since then, would give us quizzes on vocabulary words from the reading. Did we know what words would be on the test? No! So if we didn't know a word in the passage we had to read that night, we had to memorize every single one! And we didn't get a context for the words either. Poor us! Gatsby has great diction though and I'm enjoying seeing what words I know now that I underlined back then, and what words I still have no idea what they mean.

Being back is good but I'm so lazy and unmotivated - I really need to go clean stuff but since I'm not on my busy schedule I just want to sit and do nothing!  I did go to the museum today with Brittany and her son Seth which was fun, and free! But now I'm home and instead of filing paperwork and vacuuming I am on the couch with my cuddlebug Odge and writing this blog.

I am going to do a whole bunch of cooking in a bit. Giant batch of turkey chili with lots of beans and corn; braised cabbage with raisins; tomato soup; minestrone; mom's cabbage salad (that I make better! mwa ha ha); and just some chicken breast to cut up into salads for the week. I'l probably make a bean salad w/the leftovers beans from the chili and add in more corn and peas, with some vinegar and lemon juice and pepper - it's the easiest salad in the world and super yummy and healthy.

I gave my clients a free babysitting session for Christmas - figured it would mean more to them than a chachki gimmick. I babysat for one last night and it was so fun. I know I'm obsessed w/work but I just love all my clients and their families and I love actually helping someone.  I love seeing the tangible effects I have on my kids - literally, they focus better and are closer to their goals the same day that they have therapy versus a day off. I couldn't be happier.  I'm waiting to hear from several different students that will be interns on my programs so that my kids can get in more hours, and will also be great because it will help them generalize to different people. How exciting! I'm going to see one of Sara's kids tomorrow that I'm writing a program for - he's a very part time client - just an hour or so a week, but I'm still excited to get started on his program and see how he progresses.

I saw the Bricklins the other day to bring them a small holiday gift, and they told me they were going out of town for a week, so I offered to watch Xena, their dog, so she wouldn't have to be boarded, and they took me up on it for part of the time. I'm picking her up on Wednesday and will stay at their house with her and Odge until Saturday. It will be really nice to be in North Raleigh - closer to work! Hopefully something will work out for the New Years Eve plan for the kid's party.

Okay, back to being lazy for another hour by watching House reruns. Then I guess the kitchen's waiting.

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