Saturday, February 16, 2013

Socializing and exercise helps, who knew?

Hi all,
The last few days I have spent time with lots of friends and have worked out a lot. And guess what? I feel great! Who would have thought.

On Thursday, my chapter sister from my sorority Megan came into town, because her fiancé was here for a trip and they decided to make a trip out of it. I told her I'd text her when I was close, but since I was driving I used Siri. Good thing I glanced down before I sent it because this is what Siri thought I said:

Okay, I seriously don't remember what I even said! Obviously something like, "what hotel are you at". Psychokiller? Really Siri?? That's not even a word my computer recognizes right now - the red dotted line is under it!

I had a lot of fun with Megan and Stephan. We wandered around Bellagio and had a drink. The conservatory was decked out for Chinese New Year:

And here's a blurry one:

The next day I met them for lunch at the buffet at Caesar's. My dad loves buffets and would always drag us to them. Thank goodness that buffet in Las Vegas now means amazing gourmet food, in small frou frou portions! I love it!

Here we are very very full (and looking 12 and 14 years old respectively):

I rushed home and changed to meet my friend Stacy (yes the pastry chef who saves my baking) for a class at a studio called Eleve. It's a class where everyone has a mini trampoline, and it's a core/cardio/yoga type workout. I loved it! I should have taken a picture of it - if I go back I will. Stacy and I went to Dom Demarco's for dinner and shared a small white pizza. I was PLANNING on going home and studying for my master's, but Jaren texted me during dinner and said she and Roger had decided to take shots, and it felt wrong that I wasn't there. For a woman who doesn't drink often, I guess I just really love shots and my friends know!! Ha!

I wish I could just post the entire text conversation with Jaren because every word out of her mouth cracks me up. But I have a feeling it would upset her. So after dinner I drove over, and did NOT have a shot, but a baileys banana milkshake. It's SO easy - you just blend baileys with frozen bananas!

At around 11 Clara woke up and scared the crap out of me! She just all of a sudden appeared behind the railing upstairs.
She wouldn't cuddle with me and only wanted Jaren, what the heck Clara, I thought we had a thing going.

Today I met Haley at the Farmer's Market and walked around, where we ran into Stacy. It is gorgeous out today! So excited, spring is coming! Wow, I am using a lot of exclamation points, if I wasn't me I'd probably be judging me right now. I mean, I'd probably be judging me right now!!!!!!!

I went to the gym and did this elliptical workout:

Loved it! Definitely had an elevated heart rate.

After I came home and had a strawberry/spinach/mint smoothie, I decided to study at my parent's kitchen table and all of a sudden there's an Odge in my hood!

My dad has such a funny sense of humor. Of course then my mom made me wait like that until Lee was there as well:

Hehe, love my bubbas.

I am off to Nikki's house tonight for a much needed girls night. Happy Saturday and Shavua tov.


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  1. Hi Avigail! It looks like you're on the same emotional rollercoaster I am. :) I like the idea of socializing and exercising to combat the emotions - and wine, of course. I think of you daily and am praying for both of us!