Friday, October 25, 2013

21 week bumpdate (from philly)


How far along: 21 weeks 2 days

How big is baby: 10.5 inches long and 3/4 of a pound

Weight gained: about 7-8 pounds, I think. Visiting Eden and she doesn't have a scale. Based on how hungry I have been the last few days, it's probably 8-9, sadly.

Maternity clothes: Still fitting into non maternity clothes but not super comfortably.

Stretch marks: Just the linea negra from belly button down, and it's pretty light. I got a new cream that is super soft and smells great. I know they're genetic and cream will only help with itchiness, but it's a great product! I saw it at Motherhood Maternity and tried it, then thought I'd buy it on amazon. Yeah, can't find it there! So I went back and got it - highly recommend it!

Miss anything?: A drink here and there.

Movement: I'm feeling bubbles when I lay down, not very consistently or strong, but I know that they're baby. Last Sunday during religious school I felt a very, very faint kick, but I haven't felt that since. On Monday morning I woke up and my stomach was lopsided. Before I even looked or felt with my hands, I could tell he was on the right side. Sure enough, there was a lump and it was rock hard!

Cravings: EVERYTHING. I can't stop eating this week. Eden introduced me to "inner peas" dried peas from trader joes and I am addicted.

I also just want everything - healthy or not. I may or may have gotten that pint of half baked ice cream after all, and may or may not have demolished it (almost all by myself) in two days.

And eaten an entire container of sliced mango from Trader Jos:

Aversions:  Nothing really, woo hoo.

Other symptoms: Did I mention I'm starving? I seriously am eating so much and still feel physically hungry. Eden and I made a lentil/quinoa stew last night and I ate 3 bowls. Eden says I only had 2, but I think it was 3. And I wasn't even that full!

Best moment this week: Seeing my bff Essy!!!!
She doesn't love this pic but I don't have any others yet:
Also, waking up on Monday and KNOWING where baby was. Not yet feeling kicks or things but I love that I can feel his head or butt or something.

Most looking forward to: Feeling real kicks and having my belly get a little harder and more defined.

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