Saturday, October 19, 2013

Welcome to the world, baby Leah!

My friend Sadie who is the Rabbi/Educator at my synagogue introduced me to a girl named Dana about 2 months ago. Dana was pregnant and is our age, and Sadie knows I'm always up for new friends. Well, turns out that not only is Dana from the same town as my one of my bridesmaid's Caroline and knows her family, but she is also an ABA therapist - my first love career! We instantly hit it off.

Last Thursday, October 10th, Leah Francine Aronson was born. Dana was "team green" - aka, no pink or blue til baby was born! I don't know how she did it!!! What an amazing text message to get welcome a baby GIRL!

I quickly programmed this into my sewing machine and got out some pink thread! I couldn't go for a first visit empty handed:

My mom and I went to visit in the hospital last Friday for Leah's 1 day birthday and first Shabbat. Well, I walked into the hospital room and saw Dana laying in the bed with tiny Leah on her chest, and I instantly burst into tears. Ummm, can we say hormonal? But seriously, I guess it's just the first newborn I've seen since I really knew I was going to be bringing one home in March, and it just got to me. So beautiful.

I went to visit on Wednesday to drop off some more goodies and hang out a bit more. I had gone over on Sunday after Sunday School (Dana lives in Henderson, or what we Summerlin-ers like to call the other side of the world). Well, when I came over baby girl was sleeping. Dana told me she was wearing the shirt I made her though! So of course I had to sneak in and get some pictures. Can I just say that going into that room and NOT picking up the baby was probably my best accomplishment this week. Ugh, I just wanted to snuggle wuggle cuddle her.

Little Leah - you are precious! Baby M can't wait to meet you in 20 weeks!


  1. You are fantastic! I am so thankful to have met you and can't wait for our babies to meet. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

  2. Sweet baby, and precious onesie! Great job!!