Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Hot and Juicy!

Have you guys heard of this place? Apparently it's a Vegas classic and I had never heard of it! A few weeks ago my dad was walking the dogs and ran into a guy moving in 3 houses down. Turns out he is an AF pilot and his wife is pregnant (with twin girls, by the way!!!!!). Ariana is from here and went to one of the other private schools in town (a couple of years ahead of me, but her sister is around my age and we know some of the same people). So funny! Ariana invited me to go to Hot and Juicy with them, as well as her sister and her husband.

I was excited to actually go out of the house and do something, and send Essy pictures of my outfit.

And baby wanted to say hi to easy too:

In the picture above he was shy, but then he realized it was Aunt Essy and popped out to say hello!

(just joking I am sucking out).

Okay - so hot and juicy. Wow! What an experience. I can't believe I had never heard of it!

First of all - if you don't like shellfish or spicy food, don't go there. Second, if you don't like getting a little messy, don't go there. Third, if you aren't okay with getting SUPER messy, nope, not for you. And fourth, if shellfish with head and tails and shells grosses you out, stay away.

The menu is super simple - a few different options of seafood (shrimp, crawfish, different crabs, etc). You order it by the pound and get it with a sauce - we got everything with the hot and juicy special sauce in medium (mild to extra hot). There are NO plates, NO silverware. Only plastic bibs and paper towels on the table. They offer you gloves but we politely declined. I did take my wedding rings off though!

Here's the food!

The shrimp were my favorite. We ordered one pound of crawfish too, but it was just too much work for little meat. The shrimp do come with the head and shells completely on, and you pick it off. I have no issue with this kind of thing, but some people are skeeved out. Just don't suck on the shrimp head then (delicious though, get over it and do it!). We also ordered a soft-shell crab platter with french fries, which were awesome dipped in the sauce, and a few pounds of Snow Crab:

That's Brad, Ariana's husband enjoying some.

But I still just loved the shrimp!

I think I smelled like garlic for two days after. But its as worth it!

Pregos with pounds of seafood? YES PLEASE!

So glad I met some new friends with so many things in common! Can't wait for Charlie to get back and for all of us to get some hot and juicy!

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