Thursday, September 26, 2013

17 weeks

How far along: 17 weeks - 3 more weeks until halfway!

How big is baby: 5 inches and almost 6 ounces - beefing up!

Weight gained: At the doctor on Tuesday it was 1.5 pounds, but it was a different office so I think their scales differ. At home it's about 3 pounds.

Maternity clothes: Well, I officially couldn't fit into a pair of pants (they were my moms pants so maybe they never fit?) I was subbing so wanted to wear khakis and can't find the pair of mine that I liked. I wore a belly band, and it worked. I think I look bigger in maternity clothes because I don't feel compelled to hold it all in. My friend Leah who is about 2 months ahead of me in her pregnancy told me that around this time she just kept telling everyone it was bloat, and one day she couldn't hold it in! I'm hoping that happens soon because I have never had a loose belly and I don't care if it's big, I just want it to stop jiggling.

Stretch marks: Just a very faint linea negra below my belly button.

Miss anything?: Two nights ago I was exhausted but stressed and a drink would have been nice. I'm actually not opposed to having one glass once a week, but I think I'll save that for the third trimester, if I decide to do it.

Movement: Nope, hopefully in the next couple weeks!

Cravings: Still crackers (currently on rosemary triscuits). The other night I craved a california roll or japanese lasagna - "fake" sushi. I am usually a raw tuna kinda gal, but blach (see below). 

Aversions:  Raw sushi. There was an event at my synagogue last week for Sukkot called "sushi and sake in the sukkah" and I thought I would have a roll since it was made fresh by sushi chefs they brought in (doc said sushi once a week is okay if it's reputable). I stood in line and when I got into the sukkah (it's like a little hut that you decorate and eat in), the smell was overwhelming and I had to leave. So sad! I better get my love of sushi back after bubba makes his great escape. Also, our fridge/freezer broke so I cooked like a million pounds of chicken in the crockpot before I left in the morning to sub, and when I came home the smell was very overwhelming. Not nauseating or anything, but just not pleasant to me. I still ate it and it tasted yummy, but the smell was tough.

Other symptoms: Head rushes haven't gone away, but maybe getting better? Also I had a couple days of mild queasiness - not nausea, but still not feeling as great as I was. Stuffy nose (this is common in pregnancy but it could be allergies?). Having to pee all the time (already?). And most notably, I am getting full very fast so I can only eat a little at a time, but then I am starving shortly after. Prego problems.

Most looking forward to: Going to LA today to visit Rose, and go to Emily's baby "sprinkle" on Saturday! Also, it's officially boots weather here!!!! Reference belly pic :-)

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