Friday, September 13, 2013

6, 11, and 12 week catch ups - written on those dates

How far along: 6 weeks 
How big is baby: size of a sweet pea
Weight gained: nothing yet, surprisingly, since my stomach is clearly having triplets right now for how early I am. 
Maternity clothes: not yet
Stretch marks: I have that really faded line from my belly button down, but it's not a stretch mark yet. 
Miss anything?: Moscato and a cold beer. It's summer and its pool season!
Movement: none
Cravings: generally craving fruit (honeydew and white peaches), saltines, ramen. Out of nowhere have to have it now craving: green olives
Aversions: a lot of meat. When I get sick, anything except saltines, ramen, and pellegrino sets me off. 
Other symptoms: exhausted, tender boobies - seriously the end of my hair tie brushed over when I was putting on deodorant after the shower and I was like "what the f*** is that?" It was my hair tie. Queasiness/nausea and getting sick til I'm dry heaving. Luckily not every day and just a few times a week. Cramps (lower back and abdomen). Worried me sick so I texted my doctor on a Saturday, but he assured me its normal as long as there's no spotting, and later my mom told me she had that too. Phew. 
Most looking forward to: ultrasound next week at 7 weeks. 

Okay I think I'm carrying twins. My prior flat tummy turned to this:

Okay here's one not sucking out the next morning:

That is not normal. It looks like a 14 week bump. 

Ummm, you all like our full size mattress on our king size bed frame? Mattress should arrive soon. Phew. 

In other news, I had my very first craving! I didn't even get one during the 9 weeks of the last pregnancy. Out of nowhere I needed green olives and I needed them NOW. I got so excited, and Charlie was probably pleased we had a can of the Israeli ones I liked in the pantry. 

11 weeks written on August 16

So it turned out that the 6 week post I wrote was actually at 5 and a half weeks. Which is a huge difference when we're talking the size of an apple seed versus the size of a sweet pea! About week 6-7, right around my birthday, I started getting SO sick. Literally waking up dry heaving, not able to eat anything. Zofran not doing a thing at all. I literally cried one night, just because I couldn't take it anymore. Poor Charlie. He was force feeding me popsicles and crackers and half the time I was throwing that up. Luckily I managed to stay hydrated! Anyway, I am still pretty sick, but able to stomach eating a few more things. I'm hoping this goes away in the next week  - they say it's supposed to pass by 12 weeks. So hurry up and pass!

Here are my weekly stats: 

How far along: 11 weeks (2 days)
How big is baby: 1.6 inches (size of a lime)
Weight gained: maybe one pound, but about the same.
Maternity clothes: My friend gave me a bunch of maternity clothes - like, an entire wardrobe. So I've been rocking the maternity pants even though I have no need for them yet! It's just fun and they're comfy.
Miss anything?: My energy, the gym, and not having to worry about throwing up.
Movement: no, probably not for another 2 months.
Cravings: White peaches, crackers.
Aversions: Almost everything. All meat except for hot dogs (random!). The other day this was my lunch:

Yes, buttered noodles with cut up hot dogs. And I used my childhood spoon.

I literally ordered off the children's menu at Max Brenner the other day. Couldn't handle anything not super simple.

Other symptoms: Still really tired. Like, I could lay down all day. ALL DAY. And still sleep at night. As mentioned above, the nausea. Honestly I wouldn't even mind the throwing up if it got rid of the nausea, but it doesn't. I've had a couple headaches but nothing crazy.
Most looking forward to: Most looking forward to my NT exam in 8 days and finding out the gender in just under 3 weeks. Also, for Sunday school to start next week, we had teacher training today :-)
I'm also looking forward to reading these baby books. I am excited to learn about feeding and sleeping schedules and find what works for us. Maya is reading up too, she wants to help:

12 weeks written on August 23:

How far along: 12 weeks
How big is baby: About 2 inches (we'll find out exact size at my ultrasound on Monday)
Weight gained: I lost a pound and gained it back
Maternity clothes: Still don't really need to wear them. I have a pair of pants that has always been super tight on me that I wanted to wear, so I used a belly band and didn't zip them up. 
Stretch marks: No
Miss anything?: My energy and the gym. Also, Charlie.
Movement: No.
Cravings: COLD apples. Weird, because I am a huge room temperature fruit lover. I get upset when someone eats one of my apples on the counter and doesn't replace it with one from the fridge. But lately, I want a very cold, sliced apple. Still eating like a child - hot dogs are the only meat I can really stomach. Toast with cottage is my new dinner! I'm also waking up starving and eating cereal, which is totally new for me - I usually don't get hungry til late lunch time, but I'm the opposite. 
Aversions: Anything too rich or flavorful, chicken and other meat. Not so much an aversion but I usually have a coffee first thing in the morning and I have not been craving it.
Other symptoms: Allergies lately! Waking up with puffy eyes.
Most looking forward to: My scan in 3 days!

Here's a comparison of this week and last:

I really got nothing yet lol. Just bloat coming and going.


Yay 12 week mark :-)

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